8th IACHEC meeting

Hothorpe Hall (UK), 25-28 March 2013

Meeting summary

Monday, 25 March 2013

Session I: Calibration status of operational missions
Chair: S.Sembay

09:00-09:15: M.Guainazzi: Latest news on XMM-Newton operations and calibrations
09:15-09:30: L.David: Chandra Calibration Status
09:30-09:45: M.Kimura: Calibration Status of MAXI
09:45-10:00: E.Miller: Suzaku Operation and Calibration Status
10:00-10:15: A.Beardmore: Swift-XRT calibration status
10:15-10:30: K.Forster: Sneak preview on NuSTAR calibration and science highlights

10:30-10:50: coffee/tea break

Sesion II: Preparation status of future missions
Chair: H.Marshall

10:50-11:20: N.Ota: Status of ASTRO-H
11:20-11:35: V.Burwitz: Status of the eROSITA Mission
11:35-11:50: M.Freyberg: eROSITA: on the in-orbit calibration strategy and plan
11:50-12:10: M.Watson: ATHENA
12:10-12:30: M.Kirsch: XMM-Newton and INTEGRAL's additional future role as long term high-energy calibration facilities?

12:40-14:00: lunch break

14:00-14:30: F-J.Lu: The current status and calibration plan of the HXMT project
14:30-14:40: X.Li: Production of HXMT calibration files
14:40-14:50: Y.-P.Chen: Progress in building an X-ray facility for energy calibration of HXMT
14:50-15:10: C.Cramer: NIST Calibrations at X-ray and Ultraviolet Wavelengths
15:10-15:30: J.Li: High Energy Calibrations of DAMPER in China

15:30-15:50: coffee break

Session III: Working Groups I

15:50-17:30: Clusters of Galaxies I (Conference Room)
G.Schellenberger: Chandra - XMM Cross Calibration with the HIFLUGCS Cluster Sample
J.Nevalainen: Comparison of XMM-Newton, Chandra, Suzaku, ROSAT, Swift of a few clusters
J.Nevalainen: Cluster mass, temperature and pressure from X-rays and SZ as a possible calibrator

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Session IV: Working Groups II (3 parallel sessions)

09:00-12:30: Clusters of Galaxies II (Blue Room)
J.Nevalainen: Review of WG activities and action items I
Group work

09:00-12:30: Non-Thermal SNR I (Green Room)
L.Natalucci: Review of WG activities and action items
Group work

09:00-12:30: Thermal SNR (Butler Room)
P.Plucinsky: Review of WG activities and action items
S.Sembay: Trend analysis of EPIC-MOS 1ES0102 data
E.Miller: Using E0102 to update the Suzaku Contamination Model
P.Plucinsky/J.Posson-Brown: Verifying the Chandra Contamination Model with E0102
Group work

12:30-14:00 lunch break

Session V: Working Groups III (3 parallel sessions)

14:00-17:30: CCD (Green Room)
C.Grant: Review of WG activities and action items
T.Gaetz: Update on the ACIS background
E.Miller: Update on the Suzaku background evolution
M.Guainazzi: The energy scale in EPIC-pn Timing Mode exposures
C.Pagani: CCD charge traps: properties and how to deal with them
All: What to do when decaying radioactive sources produce insufficient data to keep up with the pace of calibration change?
Group work

14:00-17:30: Effective area (Butler Room)
H.Marshall: Review of WG activities and action items
A.Read: XMM-Newton EPIC cross-calibration
Group work

14:00-17:30: High-resolution (Morning Room)
A.Pollock: Review of WG activities and action items
A.Foster: New spectral features observable in Astro-H
Group work

19:00-21:00: IACHEC banquet

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Session VI: Statistics.
Chair: P.Plucinsky

09:00-09:30: D.van Dyk: Accounting for calibration uncertainties in spectral analyis
09:30-10:20: Round table (Chair: A.Pollock)

Session VII: Calibration above 10 keV.
Chair: L.Natalucci

10:20-10:50: K.Kruse Madsen: NuSTAR calibration and science highlights

10:50-11:10: coffee/tea break and meeting picture

11:10-11:30: D.Walton: The 3C273 cross-calibration campaign
11:30-11:50: E.Jourdain & P.Roques: SPI/Integral "polarimetry mode" data analysis
11:50-12:30: Round table (Chairs: K.Forster & L.Natalucci)

12:30-14:00: lunch break

Session VIII: Working Groups IV (3 parallel sessions)

14:00-17:30: Clusters of Galaxies III (Blue Room)
J.Nevalainen: Review of WG activities and action items II
N.-J.Westergaard: Preliminary NuSTAR results on the Bullet Cluster
N.-J.Westergaard: Feasibility of NuSTAR-XMM cross-calibration using Coma clusters
J.Nevalainen: Cross-calibration of Suzaku XIS and XMM-Newton EPIC using clusters of galaxies
E.Miller: Suzaku contamination I, II
M.Guainazzi: Refresher on the EPIC calibration status
J.de Plaa: XMM-Newton/RGS studies of galaxy clusters
L.David: Chandra/ACIS calibration status
S.Snowden: ROSAT PSPC calibration

14:00-17:30: Non-thermal SNR II (Green Room)
Group work

14:00-17:30: White Dwarfs and Isolated Neutron Stars (Morning Room)
V.Burwitz: Review of WG activities and action items
A.Pollock: Variability or otherwise of RXJ1856-3754
Group work

21:00-23:00: Round Table: IACHEC future: WGs, grand-scheme, funding (Blue Room)

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Session IX: Working Group reports.
Chair: M.Guainazzi

09:00-09:20: C.Grant: CCDs
09:20-09:40: J.Nevalainen: Galaxy Clusters
09:40-10:10: H.Marshall: Effective area
10:10-10:30: A.Pollock: High-resolution

10:30-11:00: coffee/tea break

11:00-11:20: L.Natalucci: Non-thermal SNR
11:20-11:40: P.Plucinsky: Thermal SNRs (PPT)
11:40-12:00: V.Burwitz: White Dwarfs and Isolated Neutron Stars

12:00-12:30: M.Guainazzi: Summary. And what about the grand-calibration scheme?
12:30-13:00: Final discussion
13:00: meeting closes

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A summary of the 8th IACHEC meeting has been published on ArXiv.

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