9th IACHEC meeting

Airlie Center (Warrenton, VA), 12-15 May 2014

May, 12 May 2014

Session I: Calibration status of operational missions (Meadow Room)

Chair: C.Grant
09:05: M.Guainazzi, Review of agreements
09:15: A.Beardmore, Swift XRT Calibration Update
09:35: L.David, Chandra Calibration Status
09:55: E.Miller & Y.Terada, Suzaku Operations and Calibration Status: Terada, Miller
10:15: M.Guainazzi, Update on the calibration status of the X-ray payload onboard XMM-Newton

10:35-11:05: coffee break

Chair: P.Plucinsky
11:05: K.Madsen, NuSTAR calibration status
11:25: C.Markwardt, Calibration status of Swift BAT hard X-ray instrument
11:45: B.Wu, POLAR project and its beam test
12:00: L.Natalucci, The AHEAD proposal for Horizon 2020
12:15: V.Kashyap, pyBLoCXS

12:30-14:00: lunch break

Session II: Working Groups

14:00-15:45: Contamination WG (Meadow Room)
H.Marshall, Chandra ACIS contamination monitoring
D.Swartz, Simulations of Chandra ACIS contamination migration
S.Sembay, Contamination on the EPIC-MOS detectors
E.Miller, Contamination on the Suzaku XIS
A.Beardmore, Constraints on contamination on the Swift XRT

14:00-15:45: Non-Thermal SNR WG, Crab Nebula (Foxes Den Room)
N.Shaposhnikov: The Crab as a calibration target after discovery of nebular long-term variability
G.Case: The Crab Light Curve and Spectra from GBM. An Update

15:45-16:15: coffee break

16:15-18:00: Effective area WG (Meadow Room)
A.Read, Cross-Calibration of the XMM-Newton EPIC pn & MOS Effective Areas
M.Smith, XMM-Newton/Chandra Blazar Flux Comparison
M.Guainazzi, Recalibration of the XMM-Newton telescopes' effective areas
G.Schellenberger, XMM-Newton and Chandra Cross Calibration using HIFLUGCS Galaxy Clusters
C.Markwardt, Calibration status of RXTE PCA instrument, and the prospects for using the Propane Layer for Science

16:15-18:00: Thermal SNR WG (Foxes Den Room)

Session II: Sytematic errors (Meadow Room)

19:30-20:30: V.Kashyap, pyBLoCXS demo
20:30-21:30: Calibration uncertainties WG

May, 13 May 2014

Session IV: Future missions (Meadow Room)

Chair: L.Natalucci
09:00: V.Burwitz, Status of the eROSITA mission
09:15: Astro-H
M.Leutenegger, Detector system ground calibration of the Astro-H Soft X-ray Spectrometer
M.Leutenegger, X-ray transmission of the Astro-H soft x-ray spectrometer optical blocking filters
M.Nobukawa, Calibration method for the Astro-H SXI
Y.Terada, Calibration and software for the ASTRO-H Time assignment
R.Petre, In-flight calibration plans for Astro-H
10:05: Astrosat
A.R.Rao, Status of the ASTROSAT mission
A.Read, Astrosat SXT calibration

10:45-11:15: coffee break

Chair: K.Madsen
11:15: HXMT
S.Zhang, The current status of HXMT and its calibration
J.Zhang, The calibrations issues addressed by HXMT SGS
11:45: DIOS
T.Ohasi, DIOS: mission and science
Y.Tawara, DIOS: spacecraft and payload design
12:15: B.LaMarr, NICER: The Neutron-star Interior Composition ExploreR

12:30-14:00: lunch break

Session V: Working Groups

14:00-15:45: CCD & background WG (Meadow Room)
T.Gaetz, Chandra ACIS background uniformity
K.Kuntz, Soft proton flares in XMM
S.Sembay The evolution of deep traps in MOS CCDs
N.Durham, Evaluating the ACIS temperature-dependent CTI correction
T.Gaetz, Chandra ACIS Low Energy Gain Calibration
N.Schultz, Chandra HETG Observations in CC-Mode
L.Natalucci, The particle background of the X-IFU instrument onboard of ATHENA

14:00-18:00: Galaxy Cluster WG (Foxes Den)
G.Schellenberger, XMM-Newton and Chandra Cross Calibration using HIFLUGCS Galaxy Clusters
J.Nevalainen, Multi-mission study

15:45-16:15: coffee break

16:15-18:00: Contamination WG (Meadow Room)
M.Leutenegger, Contamination mitigation on the Astro-H SXS
V.Burwitz, Contamination mitigation on eROSITA

16:15-18:00: Non-Thermal SNR WG, G21.5-0.9 (Audubon Room)

19:00-22:00: social dinner at Airle

May, 14 May 2014

Session VI: Working Groups

09:00-10:30: White Dwarfs & Isolated Neutron Stars WG (Foxes Den Room)

09:00-10:30: Legacy WG (Audubon Room)
M.Guainazzi, Legacy Charter and a synoptic view of in-flight cross-calibration plans

10:30-11:00: coffee break

Session VII: Path to improving the cross-calibration status (Meadow Room)

11:00: K.Forster, Can coordination of science programs improve cross calibration?
11:15: M.Guainazzi, Grand-summary of the cross-calibration status
11:30-12:30: round table (Chair: H.Marshall & S.Sembay)

12:40-14:00 lunch break

Session VIII: Working Groups

14:00-15:45: Thermal SNR WG (Audobon Room)

14:00-15:45: High-resolution WG (Foxes Den Room)

15:45-16:15: coffee break

16:15-18:00: Galaxy clusters WG (Audubon Room)
N.Westergaard, Prospects for NuSTAR observations of A1795 and A2029
F.Gastaldello, NuSTAR (Coma)
A.Linden, Robust Weak-lensing Mass Calibration of Planck Galaxy Clusters
H.Israel, The 400d Galaxy Cluster Survey weak lensing programme: III: Evidence for consistent WL and X-ray masses at z~0.5

16:15-18:00: Timing WG (Foxes Den Room)
S.Koyama: Status of Suzaku/HXD Timing Calibration

May, 15 May 2014

Session IX: Summary of WG activity and status (Meadow Room)

Chair: D.Burrows
09:00: Y.Terada, Timing
09:15: V.Burwitz, White Dwarfs and Isolated Neutron Stars
09:30: P.Plucinsky, Thermal SNR
09:45: L.Natalucci, Non-thermal SNR
10:00: M.Guainazzi, Heritage
10:15: A.Foster, High-resolution

10:30-11:00: coffee break

11:00: H.Marshall, Effective area
11:15: E.Miller, Contamination
11:30: J.Nevalainen, Clusters of Galaxies
11:45: C.Grant, CCD & background
12:00: V.Kashyap, Calibration systematic uncertainties

12:15: S.Zhang, 2015 IACHEC
12:20: A.R.Rao, 2016 IACHEC
12:25: M.Guainazzi, Meeting summary
13:00: meeting closes

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The 10th IACHEC meeting will be held at the Fragrant Hill Hotel in Beijing, from the 20th to the 23rd of April 2015.

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