10th IACHEC meeting

Fragrant Hill Hotel (Beijing, PRC), 20-23 April 2015

Monday, 20 April 2015

Session I: Development status of future missions
Chair: H.Marshall

08:30: prof. Chen Gang, Welcome
08:40: F.Lu, Status of the HXMT mission
09:00: X.Li, The simulation of the calibration and the design of CALDB for HXMT
09:15: J.Sun, The Gamma-Ray Burst Polarimeter POLAR on-board the China's Spacelab 'Tiangong-2'
09:30: K.Mukerjee, Soft X-ray ground calibration and calibration database development for Astrosat
09:45: V.Burwitz, Status of eRosita
10:00: B.La Marr, Ground testing of the detectors for NICER
10:15: C.Tenzer, An experimental setup for soft proton irradiation of detectors and mirrors

10:30-11:00 coffee/tea break

Session II: Calibration status of operational missions
Chair: prof. Song LiMing

11:00: L.David, Calibration status of Chandra
11:15: P.Zhao, Chandra X-ray observatory pointing stability
11:30: L.Natalucci, Status of IBIS/ISGRI calibration and ISGRI-SPI cross-calibration update
11:45: K.Forster, NuSTAR calibration status
12:00: E.Miller, Suzaku operations and calibration status
12:15: M.Smith, The XMM-Newton calibration update

12:15-13:30: lunch break

Session III: Working Groups meet

13:30-15:30: Contamination
D.Swartz, Chandra Contamination-Migration Model Update
H.Marshall, ACIS Contaminant: It Gets Worse
E.Miller, XIS contamination status

13:30-15:30: CCD and background
Nick Durham, Measurements from Chandra ECS
Terry Gaetz, Updated analysis of Chandra ACIS background
Terry Gaetz, Current status of Chandra ACIS low energy BI CCD gain calibration
Matteo Guainazzi, The Cyg X-3 IACHEC experiment: EPIC-pn results
Norbert Schultz, Cyg X-3 Cross-Calibration with XMM-Newton and Swift: HETG and CC-mode
Michael Smith, Quiescent Background and the EPIC-pn Energy Scale

13:30-17:30: Galaxy cluster I
G.Schellenberger, Chandra/XMM-Newton cross calibration using HIFLUGCS: Updates and future plans
J.Nevalainen, Modarf
J.Nevalainen, HIFLUGS data to Wiki
J.Nevalainen (on behalf of H.Israel), X-ray clusters masses and hydrostatic bias
J.Nevalainen, Cluster masses
J.Nevalainen, Multi Mission Study
J.Nevalainen, NuSTAR
J.Nevalainen, Coordination of Astro-SAT, AstroH and eRosita cross-calibratoon with IACHEC clusters

15:30-17:30: Thermal SNR

Tuesday, 21 April 2014

Session IV: Working Groups meet

08:30-10:30: Calibration uncertainties
H.Marshall, Introduction
J.Drake, Monte-Carlo calibration uncertainties: XMM-Newton EPIC-pn
K.K.Madsen, Calibration uncertainties: NuSTAR
H.Marshall, Bias in chi-squared estimation

08:30-10:30: High-resolution

08:30-10:30: Non-thermal SNR

08:30-10:30: White dwarfs and Isolated Neutron Stars

Session V: Detection of sterile neutrino signature: the calibration perspective
Chair: D.Bhattacharya

11:15: A.Foster, The Chandra and XMM-Newton results
11:45: Y.Maeda, The Suzaku results

12:15-13:30: lunch break

Session VI: In-flight calibration plans
Chair: Prof.Lu FangJun

13:30: L.David, Chandra
13:45: K.Forster, NuSTAR
14:00: E.Miller, Suzaku
14:15: M.Guainazzi, XMM-Newton
14:30: R.Petre, ASTRO-H

14:50-15:20: coffee/tea break

15:20: D.Bhattacharya, Calibration of scientific payloads aboard Astrosat
15:40: V.Burwitz, eRosita
16:00: S.Xiong, The progress of Science Ground Segment and the in-flight calibration plan for HXMT
16:20: C.Markwardt, NICER
16:40-18:00: Discussion (Moderators: Prof.Lu FangJun, M.Guainazzi)

Session VII: Paths to improve the cross-calibration status
Chair: H.Marshall

20:00: H.Marshall, Introduction

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Session VIII: Astrostatistics
Chair: M.Guainazzi

09:00: prof. Xiao-Li Meng, A log-normal linear regression approach for (simultaneously) adjusting attributes

10:30-11:00: coffee/tea break

Session IX: New challenges to X-ray high-resolution data analysis
Chair: A.Foster

11:00: A.Foster, Introduction

12:15-13:30: lunch break

Session X: Working Groups meet

13:30-17:30: Coordinated observations
K.K.Madsen, Cross-calibration status: 3C273 and PKS2155-304

13:30-15:30: Galaxy cluster II
G.Schellenberger, More HIFLUGCS stuff
Y.Chen, XMM-Newton/Chandra cross-calibration

15:30-17:30: Heritage
M.Guainazzi, Introduction

18:00-20:00: Banquet

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Session XI: Working Group reports
Chair: L.Natalucci

08:30: D.Bhattacharya, IACHEC 2016
08:45: Calibration uncertainties
09:00: CCDs
09:15: Clusters of galaxies
09:30: Contamination
09:45: Coordinated observations

10:00-10:30: coffee/tea break
Chair: R.Petre

10:30: Heritage
10:45: High-resolution
11:00: Non-thermal SNR
11:15: Thermal SNR
11:30: White Dwarfs and Isolated Neutron Stars

11:45-12:15: M.Guainazzi, Prof. Song Liming, prof. Zhang Shuang Nan: meeting closure

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