11th IACHEC meeting

IUCAA (Pune, India), 29 February-3 March 2016

Monday, 29 February 2016

Session I: Calibration status of operational and future missions
Chair: D.Bhattacharya

09:00, H.Marshall: Calibration status of the Chandra X-ray observatory
09:20, M.Smith: XMM-Newton calibration update
09:40, K.Dennerl: An empirical method for improving the XMM-Newton/EPIC-pn RMF and ARF (video)
10:00, E.Miller: The Calibration Status of Suzaku
10:20, K.Madsen/K.Forster: Current calibration status of NuSTAR

10:40-11:10: coffee/tea break

Chair: H.Marshall
11:10, B.Wu: POLAR status and beam test with ESRF in 2015
11:25, M.Guainazzi: The Hitomi in-flight calibration plan
11:45, X.Li: HXMT status
11:55, X.Shaolin: The HXMT in-flight calibration plan
12:05, V.Burwitz: EROSITA CalibRATIOn status
12:20, B.LaMarr: Ground calibration of NICER
12:30, C.Markwardt: NICER calibration status and plans
12:40, S.Sembay: The Soft X-ray Imager (SXI) on SMILE

12:55-14:00: lunch break

Session II: Working Groups meet

14:30-16:15, CCD and background
S.Sembay: Challenges of operating CCDs in a high radiation environment
E.Miller: Effects of power-cycling on Suzaku XIS CCD
C.Grant: Evolution of temperature-dependent CTI correction for Chandra ACIS CCDs
J.Kennea: Swift XRT gain/CTI/trap calibration updates

14:30-16:15, INS/WD

16:15-16:45: coffee/tea break

16:45-18:30, Non-thermal SNR

16:45-18:30, Thermal SNR I.

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Session III: Working Groups meet

09:00-10:45, Calibration Uncertainties
V.Kashyap: Introducing Cal Uncertainty and pyBLoCXS
H.Marshall: Introducing the Cal Concordance Project
K.Arnaud: XSPEC modifications to deal with Cal uncertainty
Y.Chen/X.Wang/X.-L.Meng: Status of Cal Concordance Project

10:45-11:15: coffee/tea break

11:15-13:00, Coordinated observations
K.Madsen, Status of the IACHEC cross-calibration paper

11:15-13:00, High resolution

Session IV: Astrosat scientific highlights and first calibration results
Chair: C.Grant

14:30, S.Seetha, Highlights of the Astrosat mission
15:00, D.Bhattacharya: Astrosat Calibration update
15:30, K.P.Singh: Performance of Soft X-ray telescope onboard Astrosat
15:50, J.S.Yadav: Large area X-ray proportional counter (LAXPC) instrument calibration and performance

16:10-16:40, coffee/tea break

16:40, A.R.Rao: CZT Imager of Astrosat: the first results
17:00, M.C.Ramadevi: SSM onboard Astrosat: calibration and first results
17:20, Y.Bhargava: Charged Particle Monitor onboard the ASTROSAT satellite

17:40-18:30, Round table discussion

Session V: Challenges for high-resolution spectroscopy data analysis
Chair: M.Guainazzi

21:00, T.Kallman, Challenges for high-resolution spectroscopy data analysis I.
21:30, R.Smith: Challenges for high-resolution spectroscopy data analysis II.
22:00-22:30, discussion

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Session VI: More exciting news from India
Chair: S.Sembay

09:00, S.Athiray: Charge transport model to understand spectral response of X-ray CCDs in Chandrayaan-1
09:20, S.Narendranath: Swept charge device (SCD) calibration aspects for X-ray fluorescence experiments

Session VII: Improving the cross-calibration status

09:45, J.Drake: Monte Carlo constraints on instrument calibration
10:15, K.Madsen: NuSTAR and PyBlocks

10:40-11:10, coffee/tea break

11:10-12:45, round table discussion (Moderators: M.Guainazzi, V.Kashyap, H.Marshall)

12:45-13:00, M.Stuhlinger: In memoriam Eckart Kendziorra

Session VIII: Working Groups meet

14:15-16:00, Contamination
E.Miller: Introduction
H.Marshall: Update on Chandra ACIS contamination modeling
E.Miller: Update on Suzaku XIS contamination modeling

14:15-16:00, Heritage
M.Guainazzi, Introduction

16:00-16:30: coffee/tea break

16:30-18:15, Galaxy Cluster
J.Nevalainen, Introduction

16:30-18:15, Thermal SNR II.

20:00, 11th IACHEC Conference Dinner

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Session IX: Working Groups report
Chair: K.Forster

09:00, White Dwarfs and Isolated Neutron Stars
09:15, Thermal SNR
09:30, Non-Thermal SNR
09:45, High Resolution
10:00, Heritage
10:15, Coordinated observations
10:30, Contamination

10:45-11:15, coffee/tea break

11:15, Clusters of galaxies
11:30, CCD
11:45, Calibration uncertainties

12:00-12:30, round table discussion (Moderator: J.Nevalainen)

12:30-12:45, M.Guainazzi, Meeting closure

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