12th IACHEC meeting

Lake Arrowhead (California, U.S.), 27-30 March 2017

Monday, 27 March 2017

Note: presentation on the Hitomi calibrations will be available at a later stage

Session I: Calibration status of operational missions
Chair: S.Sembay
09:00, K.Forster: NuSTAR calibration status
09:20, S.Chandra: The status of the calibrations for the Soft X-ray Telescope (SXT) on-board AstroSat
09:35, N.P.S.Mithun: In-flight calibration of AstroSat CZT Imager
09:50, T.Chattopadhyay: Polarization measurements of Astronomical X-ray sources with CZT-Imager onboard AstroSat
10:15, M.C.Ramadevi: Sky Monitor onboard AstroSat - Calibration and Results

10:15-10:40: Coffee/tea break

10:40, J.Sun: Preliminary in-orbit observation results and calibration of POLAR
11:00, C.Markwardt: NICER: status and calibrations
11:20, Y.Liu: The calibration status of HXMT
11:40, L.David: Chandra Calibration Status

12:00-13:00: lunch break

Chair: K.K.Madsen
13:00, L.Natalucci: INTEGRAL/IBIS calibration status
13:20, J.de Plaa: Empirical RGS effective area calibration using blazar spectra
13:40, K.Kuntz: Solar Wind Charge Exchange (SWCX) and New Missions
14:00, S.Sembay: Micropore optics; application, modelling and calibration

Session II: Working Groups meet

CCD I. - ACIS and EPIC (Alumni)
14:30, S.Molendi: An in-depth analysis of the EPIC-MOS instrumental background
14:50, K.Dennerl: An empirical method for improving the XMM-Newton/EPIC-pn RMF and ARFs

Coordinated observations (Violet)
14:30, K.K.Madsen: Absolute Crab flux
14:50, K.K.Madsen, Dust Scattering Halo's

16:15-16:45: Coffee/tea break

Session III: Working Groups meet

16:45-17:30: Heritage WG (Violet)

17:30-18:30: High-resolution (Violet)
17:30, N.Schultz: Calibration of High Resolution X-Ray Spectrometers
17:50, V.Kashyap: Capella with Chandra and XMM

16:45-18:30: Using astrophysical source to monitor CTI/gain in CCD detectors (Alumni)

18:30-20:00 Dinner

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Session IV: Working Groups meet

Galaxy clusters (Alumni)

Thermal SNR (Violet)

10:45-11:10: Coffee/tea break

Session V: Hitomi calibration I. - General overview and SXS
Chair: E.Miller

11:10, R.Petre: Lessons Learned from Hitomi In-Flight Calibration
11:40, M.Eckart: Overview of the Hitomi Soft X-ray Spectromter

12:00-13:00: lunch break

13:00, S.Nakashima: Hitomi observation of the Perseus cluster
13:20, M.Leutenegger: Calibration of the line spread function and gain scale of the Hitomi SXS
13:40, M.Eckart: Effective Area Calibration of the Hitomi SXS
14:00, M.Tsujimoto: Hitomi SXS in-flight calibration with Crab
14:20, A.Foster: Atomic data: What we learned we don't know from Hitomi

Session VI: Cross-calibration status
Chair: C.Grant

14:40, M.Guainazzi, Status of the area cross-calibration project
15:00, H.Marshall: Status of the concordance project
15:20, C.Heinitz: Cross-calibrating the XMM EPIC effective areas for a default empirical correction

15:40-16:10: Coffee/tea break

Session VII: Working Groups meet

Calibration Uncertainties (Violet)

Timing (Alumni)
16:10, S.Koyama: Time assignment anomalies of Suzaku
16:30, Y.Terada: Summary of Hitomi Timing calibration
16:50, K.Oshimizu: Verification of GPS synchronization function for the time assignment of Hitomi
17:10, S.Koyama: In-Orbit Timing Calibration of SXS

18:30-20:00: Dinner

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Session VIII: Hitomi calibration II.
Chair: M.Guainazzi

09:00, T.Sato: In-flight Calibration Status of the Soft X-ray Telescopes (SXTs) onboard the Hitomi Satellite
09:20, I.Mitsuishi: In-orbit Calibration Status of the Hard X-ray Telescopes (HXTs) on board Hitomi
09:40, K.Hagino: In-flight calibration of Hard X-ray Imager (HXI) onboard Hitomi
10:00, H.Takahashi: Current status of Soft Gamma-ray Detector (SGD) onboard Hitomi

10:20-10:50: Coffee/tea break

Session IX: Cross-calibration consensus forum
Chair: P.Plucinsky

10:50, J.Nevalainen: Grand IACHEC cross-calibration forum: instructions for use and cross-calibration status with clusters

11:10-12:00: round table on progress on the cross-calibration status (moderators: M.Guainazzi/V.Kashyap/H.Marshall)

12:00-13:00: lunch break

Session X: Working Groups meet

Contamination (Alumni)
13:00, H.Marshall: The New Chandra ACIS Contamination Model
13:20, A.Bogdan: Characterizing the contaminant on Chandra ACIS using Abell 1795 observations
13:40, K.Mori, H.Uchida, E.Miller: Discussion of Hitomi SXI Contamination Measurements

White Dwarfs/INS (Violet)

14:45-15:15: Coffee/tea break

Session XI: Working Groups meet

CCD II. - ACIS, Hitomi/SXI, XRT (Alumni)
15:15, T.Gaetz: Chandra ACIS I3 response width
15:35, R.N.Durham: ACIS Gain Studies, Time and Location Dependences
15:55, T.Gaetz: Chandra ACIS background
16:15, K.Mori: Hitomi/SXI overview
16:35, H.Uchida: Hitomi/SXI on-board calibration
16:55, A.Beardmore: Deferred charge released from charge traps in Swift-XRT WT mode observations

Non-Thermal SNR (Violet)

18:30-20:00: Dinner

Session XII: A look at the future
Chair: H.Marshall

20:00, V.Savchenko: Calibration of INTEGRAL response to impulsive transients from all sky
20:20, V.Burwitz: Status of the calibration of eROSITA
20:40, W.Baumgartner: Calibration and Data from the Imaging X-ray Polarization Explorer (IXPE)
21:00, C.Tenzer: Grazing angle soft proton focusing experiments with X-ray mirrors
21:20, M.Tashiro: Status of the X-ray Astronomy Recovery Mission (XARM)
21:40, M.Guainazzi: Calibration plans for Athena
22:00, M.Markevitch: Cal X-1: an in-orbit absolute area calibration standard

Thursday, 30 March 2017

Session XIII: Working Groups report
Chair: K.Forster

08:45: White Dwarfs and Isolated Neutron Stars
09:00: Timing
09:15: Thermal SNR
09:30: Non-Thermal SNR
09:45: High Resolution
10:00: Heritage

10:15-10:30, coffee/tea break

10:30: Coordinated observations
10:45: Contamination
11:00: Clusters of galaxies
11:15: CCD
11:30: Calibration uncertainties

11:45: Meeting closure

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