13th IACHEC meeting

Tenuta I Ciclamini (Avigliano Umbro, Italy), 9-12 April 2018

Monday, 9 April 2018

Session I: Calibration status of operational missions
Chair: L.Natalucci
08:30, V.Savchenko: Status of IBIS/ISGRI calibration
08:50, J.Drake: Chandra calibration status
09:10, I.Valtchonov: XMM-Newton Calibration Update
09:30, J.Kennea: Swift Calibration Status and Cross Calibration with Operating Missions
09:50, K.Forster: NuSTAR Calibration status
10:10, D.Bhattacharya: Calibration and performance status of AstroSat Xray payloads

10:30-11:00: coffee/tea break

11:00, J.Sun: Preliminary in-flight performance and calibration status of POLAR
11:20, X.Li: In-flight performance and calibration status of Insight-HXMT
11:40, M.Freyberg: eROSITA in-flight calibration
12:00, Schultz: ARCUS Calibration Activities as Planned in Phase A
12:20, G.Randall: Calibration plans for the Soft X-ray Imager's CCDs on SMILE
12:40, K.Dennerl: An empirical method for improving the XMMNewton/EPIC-pn RMF and ARFs

Session II: Working Groups
Detectors and background
14:00, X.Li: On-ground and in-orbit calibration of Insight-HXMT/HE
--------T.Ying: On-ground and in-orbit calibration of Insight-HXMT/ME
14:20, T.Gaetz: Status of Updating the Chandra ACIS response and gain
14:40, N.Durham: ACIS QEU Calibration Status
15:00, K.D.Kuntz: The XMM Quiescent Particle Background
15:20, B.Grefenstette: Long-term gain calibration of the NuSTAR detectors
15:40, C.Heinitz: Cross-calibrating the XMM EPIC effective areas for a default empirical correction

Coordinated Observations
14:00, K.Madsen: Swift/NuSTAR cross-cal report
14:20, L.Natalucci: Update on the 3C273 cross-calibration campaign
14:40, HXMT Team: Cross-calibration of Insight-HXMT

16:00-16:30: coffee/tea break

Session III: Working Groups
Calibration Statistics I
16:30, D.Jones: Gaussian Process Tutorial

17:30, J.Rodi: The IACHEC standard candle database
17:50, Y.Tang: On ground calibration results of Insight-HXMT/ME (including the calibration facility)
18:05, X.Li: Ground-based calibration and characterization of Insight HXMT/HE detectors

High resolution

Session IV: Working Groups
Galaxy Clusters

White Dwarfs

09:30, H.Marshall: Updating the Chandra ACIS Contamination Model
09:50, P.Plucinsky: Monitoring the ACIS contamination layer with the IACHEC model for 1E0102.2-7219
10:10, A.Bogdan: Monitoring the build-up of contaminant on the Chandra ACIS OBF

10:30-11:00: coffee/tea break

Session V: Telescopes and Athena
Chair: M.Guainazzi
11:00, A.Beardmore: The fluffy nature of cats - or - Swift-XRT calibration update
11:20, S.Chandra: Calibration Status of Soft X-ray Telescope (SXT) onboard AstroSat
11:40, F.Pajot: Athena/X-IFU calibration plan
12:00, M.Freyberg: Athena WFI calibration plan
12:20, C.Grant: Reducing the Athena WFI Background with the Science Products Module: Lessons from Chandra ACIS
12:40, L.Brenneman: Using Hitomi Lessons Learned to Inform ATHENA's In-Flight Calibration Plan

13:00-14:00: lunch break

Session VI: NICER
Chair: E.Miller
14:00, C.Markwardt: NICER Calibration Overview and Details

Session VII - Concordance project
Chair: E.Miller
14:40, H.Marshall: Status of the concordance project

16:15-16:45: coffee/tea break

Session VIII - Cross-Calibration Forum
Chair: J.Nevalainen
16:45, Forum discussion

Session IX - IXPE, XARM, and X-ray spectroscopy data analysis
Chair: V.Kashyap
08:30, J.Kaastra: Optimal binning and fit statistics for X-ray spectra
09:00, P.Soffitta: Astrophysics with IXPE
09:35, W.Baumgartner: Calibration for IXPE
10:05, F.Muleri: Calibration of IXPE Instrument
10:35, Y.Terada: The XARM mission status and science operations plan

10:55-11:20, coffee/tea break

Session X - Secondary standards
Chair: H.Marshall
11:20, M.Guainazzi: Review of existing calibration standards
11:40, J.Nevalainen: Galaxy clusters secondary standards
12:00, P.Plucinsky: Thermal SNR secondary standards
12:20, V.Burwitz: WD/INS secondary standards

13:00-14:00, lunch break

Session XI - Working Groups
Calibration Statistics II
14:00, J.Kaastra: Optical binning and fit statistics for X-ray spectra

14:00, L.Kuiper: The multi-year absolute timing behaviour of the Crab pulsar at X-rays and gamma-rays using INTEGRAL ISGRI, Fermi GBM/LAT, XMM-Newton

16:00-16:30 coffee/tea break

Session XII - Working Groups
Non-Thermal SNR
16:30, L.Natalucci: Cross-calibration Matrix using Crab
16:50, K.Madsen: Update on Crab cross-calibration
17:10, C.Markwardt: Swift BAT Gain Calibration

Thermal SNR

Session XII - Working Group reports
Chair: K.Madsen
08:30, White Dwarfs and Isolated Neutron Stars
08:50, Thermal SNRs
09:10, Non-Thermal SNRs
09:30, High-resolution
09:50, Heritage

10:10-10:40: coffee/lunch break

10:40, Coordinated observations
11:00, Contamination
11:20, Clusters of Galaxies
11:40, Detectors and background
12:10, Calibration Statistics
12:30, Y.Terada: The 14th IACHEC meeting
12:40, M. Guainazzi/K.Madsen: Meeting closure

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