14th IACHEC meeting

Shonan Village Center (Japan), 20-23 May 2019

The 14th IACHEC workshop will be held at the beautiful Shonan Village Center in Japan, overlooking mount Fuji.

In addition to our usual working group sessions, we will be hosting two special sessions. The first session will focus on the challenges associated with the calibration of future high resolution spectroscopy instruments, and the second on the impact of calibration errors on popular models with a emphasis on the limitations it has on the interpretation of the source physics.

Meeting website: https://indico2.riken.jp/event/2910/
Venue website: http://www.shonan-village.co.jp/eng/

Scientific program

Monday 20/5

Session I: Calibration status of operational missions - part 1
Chair: Yukikatsu Terada
8:30 - 10:25
8:30-8:45Yukikatsu Terada & Masahiro TsujimotoWelcome
8:45-9:05Mutsumi SugizakiMAXI GSC calibration for 10 years data
9:05-9:25Kristin MadsenNuSTAR status
9:25-9:45Michael SmithXMM-Newton calibration status update
9:45-10:05Xiaobo LiIn-orbit calibration status of Insight-HXMT
10:05-10:25Jean-Pierre RoquesSPI/Integral calibration status

Session I: Calibration status of operational missions - part 2
Chair: Masahiro Tsujimoto 10:40 - 12:00
10:40-11:00Andrew BeardmoreSwift-XRT Calibration Update
11:00-11:20Kenji HamaguchiCurrent Status of NICER calibration
11:20-11:40Herman MarshallThe Calibration Status of the Chandra X-ray Observatory
11:40-12:00Gulab DewanganSXT calibration status & UV/X-ray spectroscopy with AstroSat

Session II: Calibration status of upcoming missions
Chair: Guillaume Belanger
13:00-13:20Vadim BurwitzThe Status of eROSITA on Spectr-RG and its Calibration Prior to Launch
13:20-13:40Matteo GuainazziAthena calibration plans
13:40-14:00Fran├žois PajotThe Athena/X-IFU calibration plan

Session III: XRISM
Chair: Eric Miller
14:20-14:35Yukikatsu TeradaXRISM Science Operations Plan
14:35-14:50Matteo GuainazziXRISM In-orbit calibration plan
14:50-15:10Maurice LeuteneggerCalibration of the XRISM Resolve instrument
15:10-15:25Takuya MidookaTransmittance calibration of the Dewar gate valve for XRISM Resolve
15:25-15:45Koji MoriCurrent development status and calibration plan of the X-ray CCDs onboard XRISM
15:45-16:00Hikari KashimuraCharacterization and calibration of the front-end ASIC for the X-ray CCD camera aboard the XRISM satellite

Working Groups I
16:30 - 18:10
1: Detectors and Background part 1 (Detectors)
Chair: Catherine Grant
Nick DurhamACIS Gain Calibration Challenges
Hiromasa MiyasakaLow energy response calibration and long term gain monitoring of the NuSTAR detectors
Terry GaetzUpdate on the status of the Chandra ACIS response
Kiyoshi HayashidaA solution to the Si-K edge problem in the Suzaku XIS Response and Its Implication to XRISM Xtend
Catherine GrantTwenty years of ACIS monitoring
Hiroshi MurakamiNew clocking mode for X-ray CCD detector

2: Coordinated observations
Chair: Herman Marshall
Michael SmithXMM-Newton / Chandra cross calibration with blazars
Kristin MadsenSwift-NuSTAR cross-calibration update
Felix FuerstXMM-Newton and NuSTAR cross-calibration studies
Jamie KenneaSwift Operations and calibration
Ping ZhaoChandra X-ray Observatory Optical Axis, Aimpoint and Pointing Stability

Tuesday 21/5

Working Groups II
9:00 - 10:40
1: Contamination
Chair: Eric Miller
Herman MarshallContinued Monitoring of the Chandra ACIS Contamination
Akos BogdanCharacterizing the molecular contaminant on the ACIS OBF
Paul PlucinskyThe Evolution of the ACIS Contamination Layer on the Chandra X-ray Observatory from 2010 to 2019
Takayoshi KohmuraMeasurement of X-ray, UV, optical transmission of Contamination Blocking Filter on board Hitomi SXI

2: Timing
Chair: Yukikatsu Terada
Makoto SawadaTiming calibration of the Resolve microcalorimeter spectrometer on XRISM
Matteo BachettiTiming calibration of NuSTAR

3: Galaxy Clusters

Working Groups III
1: White Dwarfs
Chair: Vadim Burwitz
Tomokage YoneyamaUniversal detection of high-temperature emission in X-ray Isolated Neutron Stars
Konrad DennerlRX J1856.5-3754: Reaching consistency between Chandra LETG and XMM-Newton/EPIC-pn

2: Communication
Chair: Guillaume Belanger

Session IV: Calibration Uncertainties in Modeling
Chair: Adam Foster
13:00 - 15:00
13:00-13:30Jelle KaastraCalibration uncertainties and thermal line models
13:30-14:00Javier GarciaCross-calibration Effects in Modeling X-ray Spectra from Accreting Sources
14:00-14:30Yukikatsu TeradaCalibration uncertainties on modeling: timing calibration

Session V: Calibration Method and Future Technologies
Chair: Paul Plucinsky
15:20 - 16:40
15:20-15:40CKonrad DennerlCAn empirical method for improving the XMM-Newton/EPIC-pn RMF and ARF
15:40-16:00CChristian PommranzCXMM-Newton CORRAREA Calibration Status
16:00-16:20CWenxin WangCCharacterization of a BSI sCMOS as a soft X-ray detector

Discussion Forum I: Heritage
Chair: Matteo Guainazzi
17:00 - 18:00
James RodiCUpdate on the IACHEC Source Database

Wednesday 22/5

Working Groups IV
8:30 - 10:10
1: Thermal SNR
Chair: Paul Plucinsky
Paul PlucinskyThe IACHEC Standard Models for 1E 0102.2-7219 and N132D
Konrad DennerlVerification of the IACHEC model for the SNR 1E 0102.2-7219 with XMM-Newton/EPIC-pn

8:30 - 9:30
2: Calibration Uncertainties
Chair: Vinay Kashyap
Vinay KashyapFlux measurement from high-resolution spectra
Guillaume BelangerThe most sensitive period search we can do on event data
Guillaume BelangerTreating detection of transient phenomena as a statistical problem

3: Concordance
Chair: Vinay Kashyap
Herman MarshallConcordance discussion

Working Groups V
10:20 - 12:00
1: Detectors and Background part 1 (Background)
Chair: Catherine Grant
Samantha SteverSimulations of thermal excursions on the the Athena X-IFU detector wafer from cosmic rays
Hiromasa SuzukiIn-orbit Neutron and Radioactivation Background of the Hard X-ray Imager onboard Hitomi
Donghua ZHAOBackground Simulations of the Wide-field X-ray Telescope on Einstein Probe
Eric MillerCharacterizing and Reducing the Background on the Athena WFI
Terry GaetzStatus of modeling Chandra ACIS background

2: Non-thermal SNR
Chair: Kristin Madsen
Elisabeth JourdainObservations of the Crab Nebula with INTEGRAL SPI
Kristin MadsenUpdate on NuSTAR Crab observations and calibrations

Session VII: High Resolution WG special: Atomic data effects on calibration Chair: Vadim Burwitz
13:00-13:20Randall SmithStatus of Atomic Plasma Models
13:20-13:40Adam FosterThe Effects of Atomic Data Choices on Calibration Uncertainty
13:40-14:00Tim KallmanThe XRISM Atomic Data Needs Assessment
14:00-14:20Makoto SawadaEffects of different selections of atomic data and plasma emission models
14:20-14:40Gabriele Betancourt-MartinezThe Need for Laboratory Astrophysics for High-Resolution Spectroscopy
14:20-15:00Renata CumbeeThe Kronos Database of State-Selective Charge Exchange Cross Sections

Discussion Forum II: Decadal White paper
Chair: Kristin Madsen

Session VI: eXTP and Einstein Probe
Chair: Herman Marshall
16:30 - 18:00
16:30-16:45Yuan LiuCalibration plans for the Wide-field X-ray Telescope on Einstein Probe
16:45-17:00Chengkui LiCalibration and CALDB design for EP/FXT
17:00-17:15Yusa WangX-ray testing facilities at IHEP and calibration plans for EP&eXTP
17:15-17:30WeiChun JiangCalibration plans and development of PFA onboard eXTP
17:30-17:45Xing WenPreliminary calibration test and results analysis of GRM (SVOM)

Thursday 22/5

Session VIII: Working Group reports

Chair: Kristin Madsen
8:30-8:45Calibration statistics
9:15-9:30Coordinated Observations
9:30-9:45Detector and Background
10:00-10:15High Resolution
10:15-10:30Non-Thermal SNR
10:30-10:45Thermal SNR

11:00-11:15White Dwarfs and Isolated Neutron Stars
11:30-11:45Cluster of Galaxies
11:45-11:55Next IACHEC
11:55-12:15Closing remarks

LOC members

Yukikatsu Terada (Saitama U),
Masahiro Tsujimoto (ISAS/JAXA),
Koji Mori (Miyazaki U),
Hiroshi Nakajima (Kanto Gakuin U)
Tatehiro Mihara (RIKEN),
Mutsumi Sugisaki (TITECH)



Looking forward to meeting you at Shonan Village Center!
Yukikatsu Terada (LOC; Saitama U), Kristin Madsen (IACHEC Chair; CALTECH)

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