14th IACHEC meeting

Shonan Village Center (Japan), 20-23 May 2019

The 14th IACHEC workshop will be held at the beautiful Shonan Village Center in Japan, overlooking mount Fuji.

In addition to our usual working group sessions, we will be hosting two special sessions. The first session will focus on the challenges associated with the calibration of future high resolution spectroscopy instruments, and the second on the impact of calibration errors on popular models with a emphasis on the limitations it has on the interpretation of the source physics.

Meeting website: https://indico2.riken.jp/event/2910/
Venue website: http://www.shonan-village.co.jp/eng/


Registration is now open and will close April 15th. Register here: https://indico2.riken.jp/event/2910/registrations/116/

Important dates


IMPORTANT: Japan will be instating a new emperor in early May, and we predict possible delays in visa processing due to extended holidays. Therefore, those who need VISA are requested to finish registration by March 15, otherwise we cannot guarantee the process to finish on time.

Conference Fees and Accommodation

In addition to registration, participants must fill out a request form, which has a detailed breakdown of the conference fee and accommodation. This form, with instructions, can be found at: https://indico2.riken.jp/event/2910/page/196-payment, and should be submitted to the LOC by April 15 by email.

If you have any problems or questions please feel free to contact the LOC.


Details are available at: https://indico2.riken.jp/event/2910/page/195-transport

Scientific program

The meeting will have the usual 3.5 days structure, split between plenary session and Working Group meetings:

LOC members

Yukikatsu Terada (Saitama U),
Masahiro Tsujimoto (ISAS/JAXA),
Koji Mori (Miyazaki U),
Hiroshi Nakajima (Kanto Gakuin U)
Tatehiro Mihara (RIKEN),
Mutsumi Sugisaki (TITECH)



Looking forward to meeting you at Shonan Village Center!
Yukikatsu Terada (LOC; Saitama U), Kristin Madsen (IACHEC Chair; CALTECH)

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