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23 January 2017:
The Coordinated Observation Working Group publishes a paper on the multi-instrument cross-calibration campaign on 3C273 and PKS2155-304.

Old News items

19 January 2017:
The 2016 IACHEC report is now available.

22 December 2016: The Thermal Supernovae Working Group has published a paper on the SNR 1E0102.2-7219 as an X-ray calibration standard.

22 December 2016:
The registration to the 12th IACHEC meeting is now open.

29 December 2015:
The Heritage Working Group has published a JATIS paper on inflight calibration plans of modern X-ray observatories


The 13th IACHEC meeting will be held at the La Tenuta dei Ciclamini (Avigliano Umbro, Italy) from 2018, April 9 to 12.

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