IACHEC Working Groups

The scope of these working groups is to define standard procedures for the calibration of high-energy instrumentation in specific areas, such as: methodology, definition of calibration targets and requirements for future missions.

Particular emphasis is addressed to the definition of a set of "high-energy standard candles", which can be used as reference for the calibration of past, present and future X-ray instruments. Each type of standard candle is intended to optimally address a specific parameter sub-space in the energy or timing domain. In this framework, the scope of these working groups is

The currently active Working Groups are:

The Chairs of the Working Groups meet periodically via teleconference to review the status of their activities. Informal notes from these meetings follow:


The 11th IACHEC meeting will be held at the IUCAA (Pune, India) from February 29 to March 3 2016, Please, register through the on-line registration form by December 1, 2015.

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