MIT: Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyIAP: Independent Activities Period

For-Credit Subjects: Guidelines

Subjects offered for academic credit must be sponsored by an MIT academic department and must have faculty supervision.

Please work with your department to list subjects with the MIT Registrar and with your department's scheduling coordinator to make sure all offered subjects have been reported to the Schedules Office, regardless of where the classes are meeting. This is essential to ensure that students will be able to register for the subject(s) of their choice during IAP. A list of scheduling coordinators is posted on the Registrar's website. Questions about this process may be directed to

Units for IAP Credit Subjects

Information on how to calculate instructional units for scheduling subjects, is outlined on the Registrar's Office website

Safety and Liability

Institute Guidelines for health, safety, and legal regulations, as well as policies for the use of MIT facilities, must be met for all subjects. See the Safety and Liability page in the About IAP section for complete details

Reserving Classrooms and Audio-Visual Equipment

Subject organizers are responsible for scheduling and reserving rooms for their classes. Organizers also assume responsibility for ordering audio-visual equipment when needed, and associated costs. Below are instructions on booking MIT rooms and ordering AV equipment.

Scheduling Contacts

If you plan to offer a class for credit, work with your department's scheduling coordinator to add the subject to the IAP schedule. A list of scheduling coordinators is posted on the Registrar's website. Questions about this process may be directed to

Obtaining and Operating Audio-Visual Equipment

Some sponsors borrow equipment from a department, center, laboratory, or office, or from the area where your subject will be taught. If equipment cannot be borrowed, it may be rented from the MIT Audio-Visual Service. For any rental, a valid MIT Card is needed. Charges not billed to an MIT account are due in full, up front, at the time the equipment is rented.

Operators must be hired for certain rooms with projection booths. The organization confirming your room reservation will be able to advise you on all A/V issues specific to that room.

For information on having an IAP subject videotaped OR for information on producing a video for use in your subject, contact: Video Productions Services.