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IAP Storyboard

Posting Summary

The IAP Posting Summary Page is your personal IAP home page for developing postings. It shows:

  • Your name and biographical information from the data warehouse.
  • Your authorizations in IAP.
  • Options for developing new postings.
  • Counts of your postings by IAP status.
  • A summary of the postings that you can view or edit, either because you developed them or because you are authorized to work on postings for certain sponsoring organizations. See the IAP Sponsoring Groups and Authorized Users list.

    If you have 20 or fewer postings, your summary shows all the postings you have access to. If you have more than 20 postings, you are asked to select one status to view.

When you choose an 'Add' option, you will next see an edit form to fill out. If you 'Select' a current or rollover posting from the posting summary, you will next see the Posting Detail page.

Posting Detail

The IAP Posting Detail page shows:

  • One posting approximately as it would appear in the IAP Guide, if submitted as it currently stands.
  • Posting status information, errors, and omissions on the left.
  • Options available to you on the right. Your options depend upon your authorizations and the status of the posting. Options include
    • 'Edit', 'Submit', 'Withdraw' for the main posting.
      The 'Edit' option takes you to the Posting Form.
      The 'Submit' and 'Withdraw' options change the IAP status of your posting and take you to back to the Posting Summary page.
    • If series, 'Add new session' from the main posting area and
      'Edit Session' or 'Remove Session' for each session displayed.
Posting Form
and Session Form

You enter and change IAP posting information on web forms. There are forms for basic information and for session detail (if series). The IAP posting system selects the correct form for you.

  • The 'Activity Posting Form' is for activities.
  • The 'Subject Posting Form' or the 'Subject Posting Form (special topics)' is for subjects. (Only department coordinators develop subject postings.)
  • The 'Activity Session Form' and 'Subject Session Form' are used to develop individual sessions for series.

New activities and subjects use the same forms as existing postings. When you edit an existing posting, you see all information currently stored for the posting on the form where you can change it.

Save your changes by clicking 'Verify and Save Current Form Contents'.
The system will then show you the new/modified posting on the Posting Detail page.

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