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Who May Take IAP For-Credit Subjects?

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Who May Take IAP For-Credit Subjects?

  • Full-time regular students in either the fall or spring terms may take IAP subjects for no additional charge. Students do not have to take subjects to retain their student status between fall and spring terms.

  • New graduate students and undergraduate transfer students who have been admitted for spring term, as well as returning students who will be registered full-time in the spring, are eligible to take IAP subjects, but should contact Betty Bradley, Associate Registrar, x8-6422, so that they may pre-register for IAP.

Please note:

  • Students who are not paying full tuition in either the fall or spring term are subject to additional tuition charges and should consult the Registrar's Office, MIT Room 5-119.

  • Special students should consult page 48 of the MIT Bulletin for information on their eligibility.


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