IAP 2002 Activity

Adapting Linear Storytelling in an Interactive Age
Prof. Henry Jenkins, with Sande Scoredos, Thomas Hershey, and George Suhayd of Sony Pictures Imageworks
Mon Jan 21 thru Fri Jan 25, 09am-05:00pm, 56-114

Enrollment limited: advance sign up required (see contact below)
Signup by: 11-Jan-2002
Limited to 40 participants.
Participants requested to attend all sessions (non-series)
Prereq: None

Join us for a week of lectures and workshops where student teams will consider and develop story concepts for emerging media, including motion picture visual effects and computer games. Sponsored by the Program in Comparative Media Studies (CMS) and Sony Pictures Imageworks (SPI), this is a non-technical activity that will focus on the theoretical, historical, cultural, social, and aesthetic elements of narrative structures. Morning sessions will include lectures about linear and non-linear storytelling across media, as well as presentations on game theory, and interactive techniques to increase the depth of interactive console games and enhance storytelling. Afternoons will be coordinated in workshop format where participants will work in teams to design an interactive story scenario to be presented during a final session on Friday afternoon. Special evening presentations include a screening of SIGGRAPH 2001 Electronic Theater and a behind-the-scenes visual effects discussion of work from HARRY POTTER and other SPI projects. Participants will interact with faculty and graduate students from Comparative Media Studies, as well as with professionals from Sony Pictures Imageworks and game developers. Internship opportunities with participant companies will be also be discussed.
Contact: Alex Chisholm, 14N-207, x3-6447,
Sponsor: Comparative Media Studies
Latest update: 02-Nov-2001

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