IAP 2002 Activity

Nine Lectures in Philosophy
Irving Singer
No enrollment limit, no advance sign up
Participants welcome at individual sessions (series)
Contact: Irving Singer, E39-351, 253-2649,
Sponsor: Linguistics and Philosophy

Assertion Failure and Presupposition Failure
Michael Glanzberg
Wed Jan 9, 02-04:00pm, E56-270

Reasons: What They Are and How They Explain What We Do
Ralph Wedgwood
Mon Jan 14, 02-04:00pm, E56-270

Disgust and Reality: Is Anything Really Disgusting?
Alex Byrne
Wed Jan 16, 02-04:00pm, E56-270

The Cinematic Philosophy of Orson Welles (followed by a showing of Welles' rarely seen film The Immortal Story)
Irving Singer
Fri Jan 18, 02-04:00pm, 1-390

A Not Obviously Hopeless Theory of Cause and Effect Based On A Hopeless Misinterpretation of Plato
Steve Yablo
Wed Jan 23, 02-04:00pm, E56-270

The Puzzle of Imaginative Resistance
Tyler Doggett
Fri Jan 25, 02-04:00pm, E56-270

"Look, I'm Not Okay With That": At What Price Tolerance? Cancelled
Elizabeth Harman and Sarah McGrath
Mon Jan 28, 02-04:00pm, E56-270

Remarks on Conventionalism
Iris Einheuser
Wed Jan 30, 02-04:00pm, E56-270

Logical Possibility and Logical Actuality
Vann McGee
Fri Feb 1, 02-04:00pm, E56-270
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