IAP 2002 Activity

A Week of Bagel Fun!
Lisa Katz, Aaron Strauss
No enrollment limit, no advance sign up
Participants welcome at individual sessions (series)

Bagels. So tasty. So round. So delicious. And this week, we have lots and lots of bagels for YOU! Join us for a bagel tasting, bagel baking, and a tour of a bagel factory! This week will be more delicious than any other! See below for more details!
Contact: Lisa Katz, x3-2982,
Sponsor: Hillel

A Bagel Tasting Frenzy!
Evan Schultz
This is it! A Bagel Bonanza! Fresh bagels, frozen bagels, even Kosher bagels! Join us for this FREE tasting of Boston's best and brightest bagels!
Tue Jan 15, 11am-12:30pm, Stud Ctr,West Lounge

Tour a Bagel Factory
Lisa Katz
Marvel in the fascinating world of bagel engineering as we tour a local bagel factory. See the process in live action! Bring money if you want to buy some, too. Register for tour by Monday, Jan. 14. Participants will cover their own transportation costs, via public transit.
Wed Jan 16, 03-05:30pm, Meet at Hillel, W11

Bagel Baking Fest
Lisa Katz
Ever wanted to dig your hands in some sticky dough and create the classic Jewish cirlce? Here's your chance to engineer your own bagel.
Thu Jan 17, 07-09:00pm, W11 Kosher Kitchen
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