IAP 2002 Activity

Mars Translife and Other Activity Sessions
Paul Wooster, Erika Brown
Participants welcome at individual sessions (series)

Each week will be a presentation or workshop on a Specific Mars event or activity. The Translife project -- a project designing a space craft to test the effect of Martian gravity on mice -- will be presenting their work so far and discussing further ideas and concepts for the project. Other events/projects will be presented and discussed the next weeks.
Contact: Joshua Neubert, 617.494.0330,
Sponsor: MIT Mars Society

Paul Wooster, Erika Brown
Wed Jan 9, 07-08:00pm, 33-116

Paul Wooster, Erika Brown
Wed Jan 16, 07-08:00pm, 33-116

Mars Analog Settlement Design
Bruce Mackenzie
Help design a permanent settlement for Mars, and an inexpensive prototype of it which could be built on earth. There must be pressurized buildings, greenhouses, and vehicles. Local resources should be used for food and construction where ever possible. The lower the cost, the sooner humanity can take the first step expanding civilization into space, and avoid being dependent on the resources of our single Earth.
Wed Jan 23, 07-08:00pm, 33-116

Paul Wooster, Erika Brown
Wed Jan 30, 07-08:00pm, 33-116
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