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Perspectives on the Events of September 11 and Their Aftermath
Mona Russell, Jeffrey Ravel
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"Perspectives on the Events of September 11 and Their Aftermath" is an attempt to understand their context and consequences. This series will include a documentary film that deals with a suicide bombing from the perspective of the victim's families, as well as those of the bombers; an examination of American response to foreign attack at two critical junctures: Pearl Harbor and September 11; and a lecture on the Taliban by a journalist who has covered Afghanistan.
Contact: Mona Russell, E51-178, 253-4126,
Sponsor: History

A Comparison: Japanese-American Experiences during WWII, and Arab-American Experiences during the Gulf War and the Current Conflict
Mona Russell, Jeffrey Ravel
Speakers will be Ms. Mae Takayanagi, American Friends Service Committee, and Mr. James Zogby, President of the Arab-American Institute.
Wed Jan 16, 07-10:00pm, 56-114

First-Hand Perspectives on the Taliban Cancelled
Mona Russell, Jeffrey Ravel
Speaker: Mr. Anthony Shadid, author of "Legacy of the Prophet: Despots, Democrats, and the New Politics of Islam" (Westview, 2001), who spent a month with the Taliban in Afghanistan.
Wed Jan 23, 07-10:00pm, 56-114

"The Bombing": A Documentary
Mona Russell, Jeffrey Ravel
A screeening of "The Bombing", a 1999 documentary which looks at suicide bombing by three Palestinian youths in downtown Jerusalem. The film features interviews with the survivors of Israeli and Palestinian dead, and shows the meeting of Palestinian and Israeli parents whose children were wounded or killed in the event.
Wed Jan 30, 07-10:00pm, 56-114
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