IAP 2002 Activity

MIT Lincoln Laboratory Technical Seminar Series
No enrollment limit, no advance sign up
Participants welcome at individual sessions (series)

Two days (Jan 16 and Jan 33) of technical seminars, sponsored by Lincoln Laboratories. Each day begins at 1PM with a 15 minute "Informational Overview of Lincoln Laboratory." Refreshments will be served.
Contact: Shelby Houston-Soleimani, (781) 981-7057,
Sponsor: Lincoln Laboratory

Jan 16: Adaptive Sensor Array Processing Techniques for Non-Stationary Interference Environments
Michael A. Zatman, Ph.D.
Wed Jan 16, 01:15-02:15pm, 4-163

Jan 16: The SARA Architecture for Information Assurance
Scott M. Lewandowski
Wed Jan 16, 02:15-03:15pm, 4-163

Jan 16: Three-Dimensional Imaging Using Avalanche Photodiode Arrays
Brian F. Aull, Ph.D.
Wed Jan 16, 03:15-04:15pm, 4-163

Jan 16: Mechanical Systems Engineering of Optical Sensors
Steven E. Forman, Ph.D.
Wed Jan 16, 04:15-05:15pm, 4-163

Jan 23: Atmospheric Sounding Using GPS
Anthea J. Coster, Ph.D.
Wed Jan 23, 01:15-02:15pm, 4-163

Jan 23: Bossnet
Peter A. Schulz, Ph.D.
Wed Jan 23, 02:15-03:15pm, 4-163

Jan 23: CANARY B-Cell Sensor for Rapid Identification of Pathogens
Todd H. Rider, Ph.D.
Wed Jan 23, 03:15-04:15pm, 4-163
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