IAP 2002 Activity

Usability 101: Create Websites That Work
MIT Usability Group
No enrollment limit, no advance sign up
Participants welcome at individual sessions (series)

Learn about Usability and how to avoid the usability police. Learn ways to test the usability of your product or website to determine if it is truly user-friendly. Attend any or all of the following three workshops sponsored by the MIT Usability Group.
Participants who want to take an active role must preregister for sessions two and three.
Contact: MIT Usability Group,
Sponsor: Information Systems

Usability Team
MIT Usability Group
Learn about the MIT Usability Group, the process we use to test products and websites, and see the Usability Lab.
Thu Jan 10, 02-04:00pm, N42 Demo Center

Usability Testing Methods: Test Tasks and Card Sorting
MIT Usability Group
During this session, you will learn to analyze your site and develop tasks that will test the site's usability. You will also learn when and how to use card sorting as a tool for testing the content management of a site. Those who pre-register for this and the next session will work in small groups to plan for session three.
Wed Jan 16, 03:30-05:00pm, N42 Demo Center

Usability Practicum: Bring Your Own Tasks (BYOT)
MIT Usability Group
In this session, we will select two or three websites for review. Using tasks created by the "owners" of the site, the group will walk through the review process. Preregistered participants will be active participants, others may observe, but silently.
Thu Jan 24, 02-04:00pm, N42 Demo Center, Session requires registration
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