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Christianity, Race, and Culture
Marisha Youngblood
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Discussion on basic issues having to do with Christianity and Race and Culture. What is the history of the Christian church in different cultures? Is the Bible based around a specific culture? Is Christianity Western-based? These topics and more will be discussed. Speaker will give a talk then take audience questions and comments.
Contact: Marisha Youngblood, Burton 133F, x5-8132,
Sponsor: Black Christian Fellowship

What Does Christianity Say About Race and Culture?
Marisha Youngblood
What does the Bible really say about race and culture? Do people need to leave their cultures behind when they become Christians? Does the Bible favor any one culture?
Wed Jan 16, 07:30-09:30pm, 4-163

History of Christianity
Marisha Youngblood
What has been the history of Christianity? Was the church behind instances of violence, conquest, and oppression? What about missionaries, the crusades, American slavery, and colonization? Where did Christianity start and where were the first churches? What impact has the church had on American history?
Wed Jan 23, 07:30-09:30pm, 4-163

Christianity and Culture in the Present and Future
Marisha Youngblood
Why are there so many denominations? What is the state of the church today? Why are many churches racially and culturally separate? What barriers exist? Is there a "Church Culture" that can be distinguished from basic Christian beliefs?
Wed Jan 30, 07:30-09:30pm, 4-163
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