IAP 2002 Schedule for Fri Jan 25

09:30 AM
DMSE Graduate Medallion Casting  (to 11:45 AM)    8-014

10:00 AM
Business Ethics in the Talmud  (to 11:30 AM)    E51-361
CDIO Series of Visits to Aerospace Designers, Manufacturers, and Operators: Chandra X-Ray Observatory Tour/Co-Hosted by the Center for Space Research (CSR)    Location unavailable
Individual Consultations at the Writing and Communication Center  (to 04:00 PM)    14N-317
Magnetism and Magnetic Property Measurement: Operation of SQUID Magnetometer  (to 12:00 PM)    13-2137

11:00 AM
Better Teaching @ MIT: How to Speak  (to 01:00 PM)    66-110
Introduction to CrossFire Gmelin Cancelled 

12:00 PM
2002 EAPS Lecture Series: Chemical Evolution of the Ocean and Atmosphere from Creation to Pollution: Evolution of Atmospheric Oxygen over the Phanerozoic  (to 01:15 PM)    54-915
Improve Your Technique  (to 09:00 PM)    W20-451
MIT 2020  (to 02:00 PM)    3-133 from 12-1pm
Mindful Communication and Conflict Resolution at Work  (to 01:30 PM)    4-231
Orientation to Computing at MIT  (to 01:00 PM)    N42 Demo Center
Working After Graduation: Immigration Concerns  (to 01:30 PM)    26-100

12:15 PM
The Feynman Films: "The Distinction of Past and Future"  (to 01:15 PM)    6-120

12:30 PM
Carpel Tunnel Syndrome Treatment with Painless Laser Acupuncture  (to 02:00 PM)    4-237

01:00 PM
BRL: After Cgiemail, Then What?  (to 03:00 PM)    1-115
How To Get a Volunteer Placement or Internship and Stick With It!  (to 03:00 PM)    4-370
Persuasive Proposals  (to 03:00 PM)    Student Center, PDR3
Pleasures of Poetry: Pleasures of Poetry 2002  (to 02:00 PM)    14N-112
Poverty, Health, and Human Rights Series: Landmines  (to 03:00 PM)    3-133
The Evolving MIT Campus  (to 02:30 PM)    45-1st floor

01:30 PM
Physics Lectures for the General MIT Community: Are We Really Made of Quarks?  (to 02:30 PM)    6-120

02:00 PM
ESG Musical Concert  (to 03:00 PM)    24-612
Highlights of Aeronautics and Astronautics: Software Engineering: Information Visualization  (to 03:00 PM)    Room 33-206
Life After Course 6, Alumni Panel  (to 04:00 PM)    4-153
Nine Lectures in Philosophy: The Puzzle of Imaginative Resistance  (to 04:00 PM)    E56-270

02:30 PM
EVOLUTION: Where are We from and Where are we Going?  (to 05:30 PM)    48-316
Where Are We From And Where Are We Going?  (to 05:30 PM)    48-316

03:00 PM
Eloranta Fellowship Presentations  (to 05:00 PM)    6-120
Fun With Euclidean Geometry  (to 04:00 PM)    24-619

04:00 PM
Dahn Yoga, Meditation, and Tai Chi  (to 05:00 PM)    Yoga Room W31-2nd fl

04:30 PM
Geometric Algebra: Imaginary Numbers Are Real  (to 06:00 PM)    NW14-1110

06:00 PM
Hindu Ethics  (to 08:00 PM)    MIT Chapel
Jesus vs. the Roman Empire  (to 07:30 PM)    4-237
Reform Shabbat Experience  (to 08:30 PM)    Hillel - Bldg W11

07:00 PM
Introduction to Practical Wing Chun Kung Fu  (to 08:00 PM)    Ashdown House
Introduction to Tae Kwon Do  (to 09:00 PM)    Exercise Room,DuPont
Introduction to the Exercises and Principles of Falun Dafa (Falun Gong)  (to 09:30 PM)    2-151
MIT Anime Club Showings  (to 12:00 AM)    6-120

07:15 PM
Kokikai Aikido for Beginners  (to 08:45 PM)    DuPont, Wrestling Rm

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