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IAP 2003 Activity

Islamic Doctrine
Suheil Laher
No enrollment limit, no advance sign up
Participants welcome at individual sessions (series)

Six lectures with Q&A sessions. This series explains what Muslims believe, and why. It is suitable both for non-Muslims, who would like to gain insight into the subject, and for Muslims, who wish to have a more detailed understanding and/or review. Major topics covered are: Reason in Islam, Sources of Doctrine, Islamic Concept of God and His Attributes, Angels, Revealed Books, Prophets, Resurrection and the Hereafter, Destiny and Free Will.
Web: http://web.mit.edu/afs/athena.mit.edu/activity/m/mitmsa/www/NewSite/doctrine.htm
Contact: Suheil Laher, W11, (617) 448-6361, msa_imam@mit.edu
Sponsor: Muslim Chaplaincy

Lecture 1
Suheil Laher
Overview of Islam, The Purpose of Life, Sources of Doctrine, Reason and its Place, Existence of Allah, Belief in Allah
Mon Jan 13, 06-07:30pm, 1-135

Lecture 2
Suheil Laher
Attributes of Allah. Belief in Qadar ("Destiny")
Wed Jan 15, 06-07:30pm, 1-135

Lecture 3
Suheil Laher
Unseen Worlds: Angels and Jinn
Fri Jan 17, 06-07:30pm, 1-135

Lecture 4
Suheil Laher
Divine Communication: Scripture and Prophets
Wed Jan 22, 06-07:30pm, 1-135

Lecture 5
Suheil Laher
Beyond Death: Human Existence in the Intermediate Realm, between death and the Day of Judgment. Overview of signs before the Day of Judgment, and the end of this world.
Fri Jan 24, 06-07:30pm, 1-135

Lecture 6
Suheil Laher
The Hereafter: Resurrection, Intercession, Questioning and Accounting, Judgment, Heaven and Hell. Relationship between Faith and Deeds.
Mon Jan 27, 06-07:30pm, 1-135
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