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IAP 2004 Subjects

Ocean Engineering

Surface Ship Computer-Aided Design
T. J. McCoy
Mon-Fri, Jan 5-9, 12-16, 20-23, 09am-12:00pm, 5-306

Pre-register on WebSIS and attend first class.
Limited to 16 participants.
No listeners
Prereq: 13.400
Level: G 6 units Graded P/D/F   

Introduction to the process of early stage design of surface ships. Students utilize basic computer-aided design tools for completion of design projects. Emphasis on design process relating to naval architecture and marine engineering principles as applied to ship design based on given sets of requirements. Contact: T. J. McCoy, 5-317, x3-4339, mccoy@mit.edu

Special Problems in Ocean Engineering
Parallel Programming Using MPI
Constantinos Evangelinos
Mon Jan 26 thru Fri Jan 30, 02-04:00pm, 2-135

Pre-register on WebSIS and attend first class.
Limited to 30 participants.
Listeners allowed, space permitting
Prereq: Good programming skills in C/C++ or Fortran
Level: H 2 units Standard A - F Grading Can be repeated for credit   

Message Passing Interface is a highly successful, universal API standard for distributed memory parallel programming. Used in applications scaling to thousands of processors, MPI may appear daunting. This course will cover basic principles of message passing, move on to MPI environment functions, and continue with blocking and non-blocking point-to-point communications. After producing MPI routines to write functional parallel programs, we will proceed to cover the more elaborate topics of collective communications, derived datatypes, process topologies, and groups, contexts and communicators. We will also discuss MPI language binding issues, cover the profiling interface, and explain the MPI runtime. MPI-2 issues will be covered briefly.
Contact: Constantinos Evangelinos, 5-424, x3-7950, ce107@mit.edu

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
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