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IAP 2004 Activities by Sponsor

David W Ward

Introduction to Simulation of Electromagnetic Wave Propagation using Finite Difference Time Domain Simulations (FDTD)
David Ward
Tue Jan 13, Thu Jan 15, 10am-12:00pm, 2-131

No enrollment limit, no advance sign up
Participants requested to attend all sessions (non-series)
Prereq: NA, but 8.01 would be helpful.

FDTD is a simple and intuitive way to understand and visualize light wave propagation and the interaction of light with matter. The class begins with a review of Maxwell’s equations and explores the basics of FDTD through a simple 1-dimensional implementation in Microsoft Excel and Matlab. Day two consists of special topics including: negative refraction, photonic bandgap materials, and a discussion on the future of electromagnetic “simulation” using THz electromagnetic wave imaging. Little to no coding experience is required. Emphasis is placed on the visual aspect of electromagnetic wave propagation as opposed to a purely mathematical treatment.
Web: http://nelson.mit.edu/iap2004.html
Contact: David Ward, 6-026, x3-1956, dwward@mit.edu

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
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