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Welcome to the IAP Posting Forms page. Here, you may:

  • Obtain MIT Digital Certificates needed to access the IAP Posting System.

  • Propose a new IAP for-credit subject or non-credit activity.

  • Edit an activity or subject you previously proposed.


Before you proceed:

Do you have your Digital Certificate(s)?
Certificates are required forthe IAP posting form access. If you don't have one, go to the MIT WebSIS - Student Information System page and follow the instructions.

Am I authorized to post listings for my department or group?
Check here to see if you are on the IAP Sponsoring Groups and Authorized Users page. If you are not listed, contact iap-www@mit.edu, or call x3-1668.

Is this my first time posting a listing?
For detailed instructions on using the posting system, go to the
Using the IAP Posting Forms for Non-Credit Activities or Posting Forms for-Credit Subjects pages.

Post, Revise, and View My IAP 2004 Subjects and Activities:
Here, you can propose new IAP subjects and activities, make updates and edits to existing IAP 2004 activities, and renew IAP offerings from a previous year.

For IAP 2004, word limits on subject and activity descriptions will be strictly enforced. You will not be able to submit descriptions that exceed the limits indicated on the posting form.



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