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IAP 2005 Subjects

Engineering Systems Division

International Logistics
International Logistics
Jarrod Goentzel
Mon-Fri, Jan 10-14, 24-28, 09am-12:00pm, 3-370 1/10-14, 1-390 1/24-28

Pre-register on WebSIS and attend first class.
Listeners allowed, space permitting
Prereq: 1.260J, 1.261J, 1.262J, 15.760, or permission of instructor
Level: H 6 units Standard A - F Grading   

An overview of globalization and the international environment. The international marketing and supply chain interface; the international finance and supply chain interface; global strategy for logistics and supply chain management; global supply chain models; role of government intervention and regulations (including border crossings, local content laws, etc.); the role of ports and airports in international product movements; the economics of international air and ocean carriers; and the forwarding industry. Half-term subject offered in the first half of the term. Contact: Jarrod Goentzel, E40-295, x3-2053, goentzel@mit.edu

Design and Operation of Logistics Facilities and Networks
Design and Operation of Logistics Facilities and Networks
Chris Caplice
Mon-Fri, Jan 3-7, 17-21, 09-11:00am, E40-364

Pre-register on WebSIS and attend first class.
Listeners allowed, space permitting
Prereq: 1.260J or permission of instructor
Level: G 3 units Standard A - F Grading   

Exploration of the technological and managerial issues involved in the design and operation of distribution and logistics physical facilities and associated information technology in an enterprise wise supply chain. Includes day-long site visits to logistics operations in the local area, as well as day-long software tutorials on commercial-grade software packages used in the design of logistics networks. The curriculum also includes lectures and case studies from faculty and professional logistics consultants focusing on the design and operation of efficient logistics facilities. Contact: Chris Caplice, E40-365, x8-7975, caplice@mit.edu

Special Graduate Studies in Engineering Systems Division
The Human Side of Technology
Ralph Katz
Schedule: TBD
Pre-register on WebSIS and attend first class.
No listeners
Prereq: Permission of instructor
Level: G 12 units Standard A - F Grading Can be repeated for credit   

Opportunity for individual or group study of advanced topics in Engineering Systems Division not otherwise included in the curriculum at MIT. Offerings are initiated by faculty on an ad-hoc basis subject to ESD approval.
Examines the human side of managing professionals and project teams during innovation. Course covers micro and macro issues including creating and sustaining high motivation; dealing with complacency and routine performance; understanding the relationships among innovation, change, motivation and uncertainty; managing creative individual contributors; reward systems and career paths; leading decision making processes and conflict management; group versus individual creativity; staffing the critical roles and cross-functional relationships for building innovative cultures; information and tech transfer; and organizational diagnosis for change. Restricted to SDM students; others with permission of instructor.
Contact: Ralph Katz, E56-390, x3-5085, rkatz@mit.edu

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