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Teaching and Learning Lab

Are We Actually Doing What We Think We Are Doing: Using Assessment to Measure Effectiveness and Create Change In Programs
Sumi Ariely, Alberta Lipson
Thu Jan 27, 09:30-11:30am, 1-135

No limit but advance sign up required (see contact below)
Signup by: 25-Jan-2005
Single session event
Prereq: none; interest or experience in program development useful.

This course provides a general introduction to evaluation techniques and research design and is intended to help participants set-up appropriate tools to study event outcomes. We will explore basic principles of how events, service programs, or activities can be set-up so experimental or quasi-experimental designs can be used to do effective evaluation and measure change. Students with programs or personal events in mind will be given time to develop event structure and evaluation questions. Join us for breakfast!
Contact: Sumi Ariely, 4-104, x3-0742, sumidan@mit.edu
Cosponsor: Public Service Center

Better Teaching @ MIT
Dr. Lori Breslow, Director, Teaching and Learning Laboratory
No enrollment limit, no advance sign up
Participants welcome at individual sessions (series)
Prereq: none

A series of lunchtime workshops designed to help MIT instructors teach better. We'll talk to some of MIT’s best teachers about how they teach, get some advise on teamwork from MIT coaches, look at how to engage students in productive classroom discussion, and other topics. Workshops are open to all members of the MIT community.
Web: http://web.mit.edu/tll
Contact: Cindy Dernay Tervalon, 5-122, x3-3371, cdernay@mit.edu

Tech's Top Teachers Talk Turkey
Dr. Lori Breslow, Moderator
This year's Better Teaching series kicks off with a session in which some of MIT's best teachers—
both faculty and teaching assistants—talk about how to teach well.
Mon Jan 24, 12-01:00pm, 4-153

Planning and Running Recitations
Lori Breslow, Ph.D.
Do you want to create a classroom environment that encourages student questioning, discussion, and real-time experimentation? This session will look at ways to get students talking, doing things, and learning both from you and each another.
Tue Jan 25, 12-01:00pm, 4-153

Coaches Teach the Teachers
Lori Breslow, Ph.D., Moderator
Many of the skills athletic coaches use in working with their players are skills that teachers can and should use to help students learn. Come hear what MIT’s award-winning coaches can tell us about motivating and teaching them to work in teams.
Wed Jan 26, 12-01:00pm, 4-153

Special Considerations for Teaching in the Multicultural Classroom
Jane Dunphy, Director, English Language Studies
MIT's cultural diversity is an exciting resource. If handled sensitively, it can enrich the Institute's educational and intellectual life. Handled poorly, it can present an obstacle to productive participation of MIT students. Here, we will discuss strategies to increase understanding and effective management of the multicultural class room.
Thu Jan 27, 12-01:00pm, 4-153

How to Speak
Professor Patrick Winston
Every instructor needs to present his or her material in an enthusiastic, positive, coherent way to reach students effectively. Information must be conveyed in a relaxed, honest, and focused manner and be clear enough to be understood. MIT's legendary Patrick Winston presents his renowned session on how to do just that!
Fri Jan 28, 12-01:00pm, 4-153

Making the Most of Your Presentation
Dr. Jean-luc Doumont, Communication Consultant
Thu Jan 20, 02-04:00pm, 3-270

No enrollment limit, no advance sign up
Single session event

Effective presentations skills are a major asset for engineers, scientists, and other professionals. Professional presentations hold a persuasive power not found in print documents or electronic messages. This seminar will describe a five-step method for an effective presentation: how to plan it, design it, create the visual aids, deliver it, and answer questions.
Contact: Cindy Dernay Tervalon, 5-122, x3-3371, cdernay@mit.edu

Talking about Teaching: An Orientation to Teaching Recitations in HASS
Dr. Lori Breslow
Tue Jan 25, 03:30-05:00pm, 4-145

No limit but advance sign up required (see contact below)
Prereq: none

SHASS is pleased to sponsor an opportunity for recitation instructors to come together with Dr. Lori Breslow, Director of the Teaching and Learning Laboratory at MIT, to talk about how to plan and lead recitations specifically in the humanities, arts, and social sciences. Participants will determine the flow of the conversation. Topics could include: managing a discussion, encouraging participation, asking and answering questions, negotiating work as a TA with other responsibilities, navigating the relationship between the lecture and the recitation and between the lecturer and the recitation instructor, and handling the challenges both inside and outside of the classroom (including where to go at MIT for additional help for students).
Contact: Cindy Tervalon, 5-122, x3-3371, cdernay@mit.edu

Understanding Visual Communication
Jean-luc Doumont, Communication Consultant
Thu Jan 20, 10am-12:00pm, 3-270

No enrollment limit, no advance sign up
Single session event
Prereq: none

A picture is worth a thousand words--or so the saying goes. Indeed, some pictures are much better at conveying information than words. Still, not all pictures are created equal, and the presumed power of visual communication is often misunderstood, if not misused.

Using examples taken from everyday life, the workshop takes the audience on a short journey into the very nature of visual communication. First, it clarifies the fundamental differences between pictures and text. It then proposes a double way to classify pictures, and hence to select the right visual representation for a given purpose. Finally, once a representation has been selected, it proposes ways to optimize it.
Contact: Cindy Tervalon, 5-122, x3-3371, cdernay@mit.edu

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