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Who Can Post IAP For-Credit Subjects

How to Determine Units for IAP Credit Subjects

How Often Should a Class Meet

Safety and Liability

Rooms and AV Equipment

How to Post IAP Subjects


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Role of IAP Coordinator / IAP Administrator

Using the Posting Form for Credit Subjects

Dates to Remember

Reserving Rooms / AV Equipment

Post / Revise Your IAP Subjects



The information below is provided for IAP subject organizers and includes details on organizer eligibility, determining credit units, class scheduling, safety and liability, reserving rooms and equipment, and subject posting instructions.

If you wish to bypass this information and begin using the IAP posting system, go to the Post/Revise Your IAP Activity or Subject page.

Who Posts IAP Credit Subjects?

Subjects offered for academic credit must be sponsored by an MIT academic department and must have faculty supervision. Only the academic department's authorized IAP administrator may post a for-credit subject. For a current list of designated IAP administrators for academic departments, go to the IAP Sponsoring Groups and Authorized Users page.

How to Determine Units for IAP Credit Subjects

1 unit = 1 hour per week x 13 weeks of fall or spring term = 13 hours

How often should a class meet?

  • Leader determines distribution of hours over 4 weeks of IAP

  • 19 class days and 1 holiday (Martin Luther King Day) in IAP 2006

  • Final exam within IAP (no examination period)

  • Hours should match units listed in the MIT Bulletin

  • While unit breakdowns in the MIT Bulletin do not represent IAP weekly loads, they provide the ratio of scheduled hours to outside work, such as:
    • 1/2 (seminar with 2-0-4 units)
    • 1/3 (subject with 3-0-9 units)

  • If units are to be arranged, they should follow typical ratios of scheduled hours to outside work. It might be helpful to review some examples from a previous IAP.

When setting a schedule, determine a reasonable load of class and lab hours with enough time for outside work hours.

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Safety and Liability

Institute Guidelines for health, safety, and legal regulations, as well as policies for the use of MIT facilities, must be met for all activities. The Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS) Office must be consulted if your subject or activity involves any of the following:

  • high voltage
  • pressure vessels
  • ballistics
  • aircraft
  • large balloon
  • structures
  • use of hazardous materials, equipment, or machinery
  • explosives
  • open flames
  • hazardous wastes
  • public art displays or performances
  • building, tower, or bridge construction on MIT property
  • anything that might endanger life, limb, sight, or hearing of participants or bystanders.

For more information on safety, go to the Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS) Office web site.

Reserving Rooms and Audio-Visual Equipment

Subject organizers are responsible for scheduling and reserving rooms for their classes; listing a location on the IAP subject posting form does not reserve the room. Organizers also assume responsibility for ordering audio-visual equipment when needed.

For detailed information on reserving rooms and renting AV equipment for IAP subjects, go to the Room Reservation / Audio-Visual Information page.

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Posting an IAP Subject

  • Before you attempt to post a subject, you must obtain posting authorization from IAP staff in the Academic Resource Center. To determine if you already have posting authority, please check the IAP Sponsoring Groups and Authorized Users list. If you are not the authorized IAP Administrator for your area or have questions about submitting subjects, please contact iap-www@mit.edu.
  • IAP '05 for-credit subjects must be submitted and posted electronically. In order to post subjects, you must first have your personal certificate. If you don't have a certificate, you may obtain one by going to the MIT WebSIS - Student Information System. Note that you must first have a MIT username with password (generally this is your MIT Kerberos ID)

  • For detailed information on using the online IAP subject posting system, including how to post a new subject or rollover a subject from a prior year, go to the Using the IAP Posting Form for Credit Subjects page.

  • Once you have completed your online subject posting form you may submit it for review. When your subject has been approved, it will automatically be posted in the online IAP 2006 Guide.

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