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IAP 2005 Activity

History and Mystery of the Tarot
Daniel Barkowitz
No limit but advance sign up required (see contact below)
Signup by: 24-Dec-2004
Participants welcome at individual sessions (series)

This IAP activity will explore the history, origin, use and art of the Tarot. Students should purchase the Rider-Waite Tarot Deck or similar learning deck for use in class. Students welcome at any session but encouraged to attend all.
Contact: Daniel Barkowitz, 11-320, x8-5612, barkowit@mit.edu
Sponsor: Student Financial Services

The History of the Tarot
Daniel Barkowitz
In this session we will examine the development of the Tarot from its earliest known history to speculation on its origins. We will also examine the structure of the Tarot and will learn the basic format of the Major and Minor Arcana.
Tue Jan 4, 12-01:30pm, 4-253

The Art of the Tarot
Daniel Barkowitz
In this session, we will look at various artists' interpretations of Tarot by comparing over 30 Tarot decks. We will discuss how different decks contain different expressive images relating to the same central core. We will participate in an activity designed to explore our own connection to the cards in the Tarot.
Wed Jan 12, 12-01:30pm, 4-253

The Mystery of the Tarot
Daniel Barkowitz
In this session we will begin to explore the use of the Tarot as a Fortune Telling device. Examining the classic "Celtic Cross" spread, we will observe a sample reading and then partner to practice reading cards for each other.
Tue Jan 18, 12-01:30pm, 4-253

The Spreading of the Tarot
Daniel Barkowitz
We will continue our exploration of Tarot as a fortune telling device by exploring the various spreads in current use. We will continue praticing reading for each other and will try new spreads in our reading.
Wed Jan 26, 12-01:30pm, 4-253
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