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IAP 2005 Activity

Taking the Next Step in Academic Science
Biology Postdoc Association
No enrollment limit, no advance sign up
Participants welcome at individual sessions (series)
Prereq: none

MIT Biology is also offering a selection of roundtables on the practice of science, navigating academia, and balancing it all with a life outside the lab.
Web: http://web.mit.edu/biology/www/biology/iap.html
Contact: Chris Burge, 68-233, x8-5997, cburge@mit.edu
Sponsor: Biology

Life as a Postdoc at MIT
Group discussion
Marilyn Smith, Fred Crowley, Shawn Foley, Janet Fischer, Dirk Holste - If you have been confused about your status as a postdoc at MIT (such as the difference between a 'fellow' and an 'associate'), then this session is for YOU! Come listen to representatives from the MIT administration who will share their insight!!
Fri Jan 7, 11am-01:00pm, 68-181

Balancing Family and Science
Group discussion
Nir Hacohen, Cathy Wu, Lior Wolf, Daniela Tropea, Mariela Zirlinger, Shay Artzi - Minipreps, check. Pipette tips, check. BLAST search, check. Kids....kids?...We've got a group of scientists who will share with us how they are balancing the load of research science with the responsibilities of raising a family.
Mon Jan 10, 11am-01:00pm, McGovern Auditorium

Women in Science
Jackie Lees, Angelika Amon, Andrea McClatchey
There are a growing number of women in academic faculty and industry positions, but there are still specific challenges that are faced by women in science today. Come hear from MIT faculty and postdocs about their experiences and ask them questions that concern you!!
Fri Jan 14, 11am-01:00pm, 68-181

Grant Writing, R01s and K/transitional awards
Bob Weinberg, Vamsi Mootha
Come find out the scoop on some of the "big" awards like R01s that you'll be looking for when you score that faculty position and some of the transitional awards available to senior postdocs to aid them in starting up their own labs.
Tue Jan 18, 11am-01:00pm, McGovern Auditorium

Finding a Faculty Position
Carl Novina, David Sabatini, Thomas Schwartz
So, you want to be a professor? Like jackets with elbow patches? Faculty from MIT and other universities will discuss the hiring and searching process with their own experiences from both sides of the fence!
Mon Jan 24, 11am-01:00pm, 68-121

Academic Teaching Positions
Jennifer Hood-Degrenier, Tracey Ware
Being a faculty member at a liberal-arts college has its own difficulties. Balancing the teaching load with the growing desire for departments to require outside scientific funding is a tricky task. Come meet and talk with faculty who have chosen this exciting and engaging career.
Tue Jan 25, 11am-01:00pm, 68-181

Thesis Writing, Choosing a Postdoc Lab, and Writing Successful Postdoc Fellowships
Steve Bell, Amy Keating
Finishing up? Looking around for a postdoc lab? Need to find some $$? Come talk to Faculty and postdocs about how to jump that hurdle of graduation!
Fri Jan 28, 11am-01:00pm, 68-181
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