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IAP 2005 Activity

UROP Workshop for Premeds
Paul Cheng, Nasheed I. Jamal
Fri Jan 14, 03-05:00pm, 4-231

Signup by: 12-Jan-2005
Single session event

Students interested in biomedical sciences will learn how to find a UROP position suited to their interests. During the first half, students will get tips on how to search for a UROP related to their biomedical interests, how to apply for positions, and how to prepare for interviews with potential supervisors. During this time, a MIT Careers Office representative and graduate students with research in biomedicine will discuss what is expected during UROP interviews. The second half will consist of mock interviews with graduate students and upperclassmen with experience in biomedical research. This event may be of interest to premed students. RSVP to reserve an interview.
Web: http://web.mit.edu/amsa/www
Contact: Paul Cheng, 4-231, paulc@mit.edu
Sponsor: American Medical Student Association
Latest update: 06-Dec-2004

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