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IAP 2005 Activity

G.R. Harrison Spectroscopy Laboratory: Optical Imaging, Scattering, and Interference for Biological Investigations
Gabriel Popescu
No enrollment limit, no advance sign up
Participants welcome at individual sessions (series)
Prereq: Prior acquaintance with optics and EM theory

The theme of this course is the study of modern optical technologies based on microscopy, scattering, and interference for biomedical investigations. More details of topics can be found on the Spectroscopy Lab website.
Web: http://web.mit.edu/spectroscopy/events/iap.html
Contact: Gabriel Popescu, 6A-230D, x2-7831, gpopescu@mit.edu
Sponsor: Spectroscopy Lab

Gabriel Popescu
Introduction to optical imaging, scattering, and interference for biological investigations.
Wed Jan 5, 02-03:00pm, 1-375

Session 2
Gabriel Popescu
Math toolbox: Linear Sytems, covolutions, Fourier transform, useful theorems.
Thu Jan 6, 02-03:00pm, 1-375

Session 3
Gabriel Popescu
Elements of optical microscopy: imaging systems, resolution, contrast, examples.
Fri Jan 7, 02-03:00pm, 1-375

Session 4
Gabriel Popescu
Bright field, dark field, Schlerein, phase contrast, DIC/ Nomarski, confocal, etc.
Mon Jan 10, 02-03:00pm, 1-375

Session 5
Gabriel Popescu
Light scattering techniques: light scattering in inhomogeneous media, single scattering, multiple scattering, diffusion model.
Tue Jan 11, 02-03:00pm, 1-375

Session 6
Gabriel Popescu
Light scattering spectroscopy and diagnostics of early cancer.
Wed Jan 12, 02-03:00pm, 1-375

Session 7
Gabriel Popescu
Interferometric methods for diagnostics: field cross- correlations, cross-spectral densities; coherence time, area, interferometric geometries.
Thu Jan 13, 02-03:00pm, 1-375

Session 8
Gabriel Popescu
Michelson interferometry with polychromatic fields: optical gating, ODR- optical domain reflectometry, thickness/ refractive index measurements, OCT and applications.
Fri Jan 14, 02-03:00pm, 1-375

Session 9
Gabriel Popescu
Phase-based techniques of investigation: point measurements, harmonic, phase-referenced.
Tue Jan 18, 02-03:00pm, 1-375

Session 10
Gabriel Popescu
Quantitative phase microscopy: Fourier Phase Microscopy, applications for imaging cellular structure and dynamics.
Thu Jan 20, 02-03:00pm, 1-375
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