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IAP 2005 Activity

How to Design a Process
Michael Hammer
Tue Jan 25, Wed Jan 26, Thu Jan 27, 03-05:00pm, 56-114

No enrollment limit, no advance sign up

How is it possible to reduce cycle time (by as much as 80%), lower costs (by 50% or more), and improve quality and customer satisfaction -- all at the same time? What are the degrees of freedom available to a process designer? Where did Adam Smith, Henry Ford, and Frederick Taylor go wrong? How is a process like an engineering system? And what is a process anyway? Come to this three-part seminar and find out.

Michael Hammer is a Visiting Professor in ESD and is a former Associate Professor of Computer Science. He has written and taught extensively on process design and management, enterprise design, and change implementation.
Contact: Eda Daniel, E40-249, x3-1182, eda@mit.edu
Sponsor: Engineering Systems Division
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