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IAP 2006 Activity

Build Your Own Loudspeakers
Michael Price, Ken Stone
Tue Jan 10, 06-08:00pm, PDR #3 Stud. Center
Thu Jan 12, Tue Jan 17, 09-11:00am, W31-031 Hobby Shop
Tue Jan 17, 06-08:00pm, PDR #3 Stud. Center
Thu Jan 19, 09-11:00am, W31-031 Hobby Shop

Enrollment limited: advance sign up required (see contact below)
Signup by: 24-Dec-2005
Limited to 10 participants.
Participants requested to attend all sessions (non-series)
Fee: 200.00 for speaker materials and Hobby Shop membership

Into music! This class is about how an audio system works -especially the speakers. We will demonstrate the computerized tools that help design speakers and measure their performance. Starting with components similar to what you get in the latest commercial speakers costing from $600-$1,000, you’ll soldier the crossover networks, build the enclosures and assemble your own set.
Classes include 2 lectures 6-8pm Jan. 10,17 in PDR #3 and 3 two hour workshops 9-11am Jan. 12,17,19 on how to build enclosures. An additional 10 hours time in shop will be needed to complete speakers.
Fee:$200/student $230/staff includes shop membership
Register in shop by Dec. 22
Contact: Ken Stone, W31-031, x3-4343, kenstone@mit.edu
Sponsor: Hobby Shop
Latest update: 22-Nov-2005

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