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IAP 2006 Activity

The Feynman Films
Markos Hankin
No enrollment limit, no advance sign up
Participants welcome at individual sessions (series)
Prereq: None

This series of films by Richard Feynman is open to the MIT community.
Contact: Markos Hankin, 4-309, 253-4844, mhankin@mit.edu
Sponsor: Physics

The Law of Gravitation
Markos Hankin
Mon Jan 9, 12-01:00pm, 32-123

The Best Mind Since Einstein
Markos Hankin
Wed Jan 11, 12-01:00pm, 32-123

The Relation of Mathematics to Physics
Markos Hankin
Thu Jan 12, 12-01:00pm, 32-123

The Great Conservation Principles
Markos Hankin
Wed Jan 18, 12-01:00pm, 32-123

Symmetry in Physical Law
Markos Hankin
Thu Jan 19, 12-01:00pm, 32-123

The Last Journey of a Genius
Markos Hankin
Fri Jan 20, 12-01:00pm, 32-123

Take the World from Another Point of View
Markos Hankin
Mon Jan 23, 12-01:00pm, 32-123

The Distinction of Past and Future
Markos Hankin
Wed Jan 25, 12-01:00pm, 32-123

Probability and Uncertainty
Markos Hankin
Thu Jan 26, 12-01:00pm, 32-123

Seeking New Laws
Markos Hankin
Fri Jan 27, 12-01:00pm, 32-123
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