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IAP 2006 Activity

What Is Islam?
Suheil Laher MIT Muslim Chaplain, Taha Basser
No enrollment limit, no advance sign up
Participants welcome at individual sessions (series)
Prereq: None

Is Islam a religion of peace, as President Bush declared after 9/11? Who was Muhammad? Here is your opportunity to get an overview of what Islam is really about. The three sessions cover various aspects of Islam, with time for discussion/Q&A at each.
Contact: Suheil Laher, (617) 448-6361, msa_imam@mit.edu
Sponsor: Muslim Chaplaincy

Fundamental Beliefs and Practices
Suheil Laher MIT Muslim Chaplain, Taha Basser
What do Muslims believe and why? What is the Muslims' concept of God? Prophets? Scripture? Afterlife? What are the 5 pillars of Islamic practice?
Mon Jan 9, 06-07:30pm, 1-135

Muhammad the Prophet
Suheil Laher MIT Muslim Chaplain, Taha Basser
Who was Muhammad, and what was his message? Learn about his life through listening to an audio biography narrated by Cat Stevens.
Wed Jan 11, 06-07:30pm, 1-135

The Shari`ah
Suheil Laher MIT Muslim Chaplain, Taha Basser
Shari`ah is the Islamic Law. Like the earlier Mosaic Law, it is broad in scope. This session gives an overview of economic, social (including family and women) and political issues in Islam.
Thu Jan 12, 06-07:30pm, 1-135
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