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IAP 2006 Activity

Why Usability?--Redux
Susan Jones, Usability Team, Mike Paciello, William M. Gribbons, Karen Holtzblatt
No enrollment limit, no advance sign up
Participants welcome at individual sessions (series)
Prereq: none

This three week series presents speakers addressing the issue of why (or why not) making things usable and accessible is important in our work lives, our everyday lives, and our political lives.
Contact: Susan Jones, Usability Team, N42-240L, (617) 253-0877, sbjones@mit.edu
Sponsor: Information Services and Technology

Making a Business Case for Accessibility and Incorporating Accessibility into Usability Reviews
Mike Paciello, President, The Paciello Group
A leading authority on Internet and software accessibility, Mike has pioneered the field of accessible interface design. His book Web Accessibility for People With Disabilities remains the standard reference for accessibility design, implementation and usability. Mike is the President of The Paciello Group, which consults to businesses to make technology accessible to all people, including those with disabilities.
Wed Jan 11, 01:30-03:00pm, 3-133

HCI and Lower Literary Populations
William M. Gribbons, Director, MS Human Factors in Information Design, Bentley Co
Dr. Gribbons, Director of the MS in Human Factors in Information Design at Bentley College, was the founder of Bentley's Design and Usability Center where he serves as senior consultant. He is also President of W.M. Gribbons Consulting, a leading human factors and design group. Over the past twenty years, his group has helped Fortune 500 clients improve the usability of their products through user-centered design.
Wed Jan 18, 01:30-03:00pm, 3-133

Contextual Design: From Customer Data to Implementation
Karen Holtzblatt CEO, InContext Enterprises
Karen is the visionary behind InContext's customer-centered design approach, Contextual Design. This creative framework for innovative design relies on technology and psychology. Karen has pioneered transformative ideas and design approaches throughout her career, and her books - Contextual Design: Defining Customer Centered Systems and Rapid Contextual Design - are used by companies and universities around the world.
Wed Jan 25, 01:30-03:00pm, 3-133
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