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IAP 2006 Activity

The Art of Resume Writing and Interviewing
Seth S. Kessler, Ph.D. Metis Design Corporation
Thu Jan 19, 04-05:00pm, 2-105

No enrollment limit, no advance sign up
Single session event

After surveying thousands of resumes and discussing hiring strategies with small business owners and big business managers, we want to share advice. Learn how to compose a resume and a cover letter that will get noticed. See how to tailor your resume for your experience level and the type of job you are seeking. Bring your own resume for post-seminar customized advice.

Dozens of candidates walk through the interview room doors, but only a handful get the job. Find out what makes the difference between landing a dream position and being indexed in a database. We will provide customized advice for networking at career fairs, on-campus, phone and on-site interviews. Do you know the cardinal rules to interviewing? Bring your interviewing horror stories and nastiest questions.
Contact: Kathleen Haggerty, 12-170, x3-3224, khaggert@mit.edu
Sponsor: Careers Office
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