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IAP 2006 Activity

Graduate School Seminars
Nupur Garg, Seema Verma, Sushama Dasaris
Enrollment limited: first come, first served
Participants welcome at individual sessions (series)
Prereq: none

This seminar series is for grad students and undergrads who are interested in grad school. Here about everything from the application process, life as a grad student, balancing life in academia or industry, and more. Please stay tuned for updates and speaker information.
Web: http://web.mit.edu/swe/www
Contact: Nupur Garg, 649, (850) 292-6083, nupur@mit.edu
Sponsor: Society of Women Engineers

Why Go to Grad School?
Nupur Garg, Seema Verma, Sushama Dasaris
Thinking about grad school? Confused between industry and academia? Curious about what grad students actually do?
Then this panel discussion is for you! FREE PIZZA!
Thu Jan 19, Thu Feb 2, 04:30-05:30pm, 4-231

The Application Process
Nupur Garg, Seema Verma, Sushama Dasaris
The entire process may still be a mystery to you. Come hear
this panel give "been there, done that" advice to help you get ahead in the Application Process. FREE PIZZA!!!
Tue Jan 24, 04:30-05:30pm, 4-237

Choosing a Lab/Mentor
Nupur Garg, Seema Verma, Sushama Dasaris
Are you worried about being happy in grad school? Come hear current and potential grad students talk about the best ways to ensure you make the right decisions for your grad school career. FREE PIZZA!!!
Wed Jan 25, 04:30-05:30pm, 4-237

Diversity Panel
Nupur Garg, Seema Verma, Sushama Dasaris
This panel will focus on the diversity in grad school, including racial, gender, and academic. Learn about the various paths you can take and get a glimpse on the culture you might find. FREE PIZZA!!!
Thu Feb 2, 04:30-05:30pm, 4-237
Latest update: 20-Jan-2006

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