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IAP 2006 Activity

Dual Degrees M.D. / (Ph.D. / J.D. / MPH / MBA)
Paul Cheng
No enrollment limit, no advance sign up
Participants welcome at individual sessions (series)

AMSA is holding a series of talks for students interested in obtaining a second degree on top of their M.D. Each event will have two speakers: one current M.D./(second degree) student and someone who currently have a dual degree. (contact person's e-mail in bracket)

01/11/05: M.D./Ph.D.: (alkwon@mit.edu)
01/18/05: M.D./M.P.H.: (Apliu@mit.edu)
01/25/05: M.D./J.D.: (yinren@mit.edu)
02/01/05: M.D./M.B.A.: (Schu@mit.edu)

Feel free to e-mail me at (paulc@mit.edu) if you have any questions
Contact: Paul Cheng, paulc@mit.edu
Sponsor: American Medical Student Association

Paul Cheng
Wed Jan 11, 07-08:15am

Paul Cheng
Wed Jan 18, 07-08:15am

Paul Cheng
Wed Jan 25, 07-08:15am

Sarah Chu
MD/MBA panel featuring:
  • Dr. Allan E. Kornberg: CEO of Network Health, and past Medical Director of Harvard Pilgrim HealthCare.
  • Dr. Qi Li, Clinical Informatics R&D, Corporate Manager of Partners HealthCare.

Top directors from the biggest HMOs in New England! Come learn about HMOs and technologies that help improve the current health system.
Wed Feb 1, 07-08:15am, 6-120
Latest update: 26-Jan-2006

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