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IAP 2006 Activity

Risky Business
The Center for Urban Pedagogy (CUP)
Mon Jan 30, 10am-06:00pm, N52-390
Tue Jan 31, 10am-02:00pm, N52-390

Enrollment limited: first come, first served
Limited to 5 participants.
Participants requested to attend all sessions (non-series)
Prereq: no prerequisites

What risks do individuals face on an everyday basis? What risks do we face as a society? What are the similarities and differences between all these risks and how do we deal with them? Join researchers and designers from the Center for Urban Pedagogy a non-profit that creates educational projects about power, politics, and place, as they investigate how MIT economists, political scientists, and business strategists are trying to understand this thing called risk. The group will discuss the nature and role of risk in everyday life; conduct a series of three video interviews with specialists in economic, financial, health, and environmental risk; and brainstorm about how these innovations in risk can be made accessible to a broader audience using the tools of art and design. Interviewees to be determined.
Web: http://cavs.mit.edu/
Contact: Meg Rotzel, N52-390, x3-4415, mrotzel@mit.edu
Sponsor: Center for Advanced Visual Studies
Latest update: 20-Dec-2005

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