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IAP 2006 Activity

Teaching Engineering to Kids
Kristen Bethke
Wed Jan 11, 03:30-05:00pm, 4-402

No limit but advance sign up required (see contact below)

Yes, kids can learn about engineering concepts and complete design projects - and at the same time, increase their learning and interest in math and science! At this session, we'll demonstrate how LEGOS TM and Robolab TM software can be used to help kids learn math, science, and engineering. You'll complete a variety of LEGO challenges, and we'll discuss how they help kids learn math, science, and engineering. Finally, we'll discuss opportunities to try out your new teaching techniques in Cambridge classrooms during spring 2006. To see how Tufts University is teaching engineering to kids, check out:
Web: http://ceeo.tufts.edu/stomp
Contact: Kristen Bethke, x8-7552, kbethke@mit.edu
Sponsor: Edgerton Center
Latest update: 22-Dec-2005

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