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IAP 2006 Activity

Venture Capital and Investment in Early Stage Companies
Nicholas Haschka, Jonathan Stiebel
Wed Jan 25, 06-08:00pm, 32-155, Stata Center

No enrollment limit, no advance sign up
Single session event
Prereq: None

Ken Morse, a founder of 3COM and 5 other high tech ventures will join Eric Benhamou, a multi-startup veteran and former 3COM CEO for a panel discussion about venture capital and its role in early stage companies.

Ken is currently responsible for inspiring, training, and coaching new generations of entrepreneurs from all parts of MIT as director of the Entrepreneurship Center.

Eric Benhamou is chairman of 3COM, Palm, Inc. and an adjunct professor of Entrepreneurship at INSEAD. After serving as CEO of 3COM for a decade, he was CEO of Palm for 2 years, then went on to co-found Bridge Communications (which merged with 3Com).

Jonathan Stiebel, an experienced entrepreneur and venture capital researcher at Harvard Business School, will lead the panel discussion.
Contact: Nicholas Haschka, haschka@mit.edu
Sponsor: Entrepreneurs Club
Latest update: 11-Jan-2006

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