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IAP 2006 Activity

Satellite Design Competition
Elizabeth Deems, Dan Judnick
No limit but advance sign up required (see contact below)
Signup by: 18-Jan-2006
Participants welcome at individual sessions (series)

Come earn hundreds of dollars in cash prizes at THE competition of IAP 2006! the challenge is big and so are the prizes!

Teams of all shapes and sizes are invited to compete in our 4-part satellite design challenge. All you need is at least one MIT student and a week to work. But with stakes this high, you may want to put your heads together -- grab hallmates, classmates, alumni, anyone affiliated with MIT, and join the competition!

Teams will be challenged to develop detailed designs for one or more of these small satellite subsystems: Communications, Power, Attitude Determination & Control. Those who take on all three are also welcomed to enter the bonus Avionics challenge! (Teams can receive extra design points for designing the avionics for the previous three subsystems). Sign up today! (Deadline 5PM, January 18)
Contact: Elizabeth Deems, 37-348, x8-8726, edeems@mit.edu
Sponsor: Satellite Engineering Team

Satellite Design Kickoff Meeting
Elizabeth Deems, Dan Judnick
Team captains or their proxies must be attendance to receive detailed design specifications and contest rules.

Team membership may fluctuate during the week-long competition, but captains must register no later than 17-Jan by emailing edeems@mit.edu.

The challenge is big and so are the prizes!
Sign up today!
Thu Jan 19, 11-12:00am, TBD

Satellite Design Final Review
Elizabeth Deems, Dan Judnick

Turn out to watch teams present their satellite system designs to a panel of distinguished faculty and advisors.

All presentations and design reports are due to contest organizers 26 Jan at 11am.
Thu Jan 26, 12-06:00pm, TBD
Latest update: 17-Jan-2006

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