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IAP 2006 Activity

Beyond the Institvte: New Perspectives on Global Issues
Jina Kim, Rosalind Williams
No enrollment limit, no advance sign up
Participants welcome at individual sessions (series)

Become a better engineer.
Become a better scientist.
Become a better MIT student.

This IAP series goes beyond the science classroom to examine the major issues that headline the news. Understand how society is currently affected by science and technology and in turn how it affects the world we live in. In the “real world”, it is this global awareness and insight that will make you different from the stereotypical MIT nerd.
Contact: Kris Kipp, E51-185, x3-9759, kipp@mit.edu
Sponsor: Science,Technology & Society

Why Are Only 2.5% of People with HIV Receiving Treatment?
David Jones
In the twenty-five years since AIDS was discovered, over 23,000,000 people have died from the disease. This talk will examine the science, technology, history, and politics of HIV/AIDS to understand why the disease has been so difficult to control.
Tue Jan 17, 04-06:00pm, 3-133

What Does it Mean to Live in a Technological World?
Rosalind Williams
Through popular culture we try to understand the interactions of science, technology, and society. We live in a technological world: what does this mean for our human lives? We will view clips from movie versions of 19th century imaginary underworlds and more recent movies set in underworlds or enclosed environments. We will summarize conclusions from these cultural “thought experiments” about life in a human-built world.
Thu Jan 19, 04-06:00pm, 3-133

Public Engagement with Science: Some STS Lessons from the 'Intelligent Design' Debate
John Durant
Last December, Judge Jones threw out the Dover, Pennsylvania School Board ruling that required teachers to read a statement about evolution and 'Intelligent Design' to students in ninth grade biology. This was the latest episode in an 80-year battle over teaching evolution in America. Discussing the major players and key issues, what can an STS analysis tell us about the nature and significance of this debate?
Tue Jan 24, 04-06:00pm, 3-133

‘Rooted in History and Culture': Accidents and Engineering in the Manned Space Program
Alexander Brown
Alexander Brown will discuss the history of accidents in the US Manned Spaceflight Program. The talk will cover the Apollo 1 and Challenger accidents and show how STS provides new ways to think about them.
Thu Jan 26, 04-06:00pm, 4-231
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