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IAP 2006 Activity

Pleasures of Poetry: Reading and Discussion of Memorable Poems
Literature Faculty, David Thorburn
No enrollment limit, no advance sign up
Participants welcome at individual sessions (series)
Prereq: none

Reading and discussion of major poems by members of the Literature Faculty (with help from their literary friends). Handouts of poems and series schedule available at each session, and from the Literature Headquarters, 14N-407, lit@mit.edu, 3-3581.
Web: http://web.mit.edu/lit/www/iap.html
Contact: Julie Saunders, 14N-407, x3-3581, lit@mit.edu
Sponsor: Literature

Mary Fuller
Paradise Lost Lines 1-100.
Mon Jan 9, 01-02:00pm, 14E-304

Howard Eiland
Ode to Melancholy
Tue Jan 10, 01-02:00pm, 14E-304

Lowell, Bishop
Stephen Tapscott
Wed Jan 11, 01-02:00pm, 14E-304

Aphra Behn: Jonathan Swift
Wyn Kelley
Behn's The Disappointment, Swift's The Lady's Dressing Room
Thu Jan 12, 01-02:00pm, 14E-304

James Buzard
Ulysses, Tithonus
Fri Jan 13, 01-02:00pm, 14E-304

Anne Hudson
Tue Jan 17, 01-02:00pm, 14E-304

W.H. Auden
Julian Wheatley
In Praise of Limestone, In Memory of W.B. Yeats
Wed Jan 18, 01-02:00pm, 14E-304

The Kaddish
Ben Lanckton
Thu Jan 19, 01-02:00pm, 14E-304

Linda Gregerson, Jane Hirshfield
David Thorburn
Fri Jan 20, 01-02:00pm, 14E-304

Vietnamese Poetry
Peter Perdue
Mon Jan 23, 01-02:00pm, 14E-304

Billy Collins
John Hildebidle
Tue Jan 24, 01-02:00pm, 14E-304

Rita Dove
Sandy Alexandre
Wed Jan 25, 01-02:00pm, 14E-304

Anthony Lioi
Thu Jan 26, 01-02:00pm, 14E-304

Bible Liberation Poems
Amy McCreath
Fri Jan 27, 01-02:00pm, 14E-304

Jean Valentine
Sarah Wright
Mon Jan 30, 01-02:00pm, 14E-304

Stephen Pepper
Tue Jan 31, 01-02:00pm, 14E-304

Jack Gilbert
David Thorburn
Wed Feb 1, 01-02:00pm, 14E-304

Italian Sonnets
Jim Cain
Thu Feb 2, 01-02:00pm, 14E-304

Noel Jackson
Prelude lines 301-424.
Fri Feb 3, 01-02:00pm, 14E-304
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