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IAP 2007 Activities by Category

Life Sciences

A Sampling of Careers in Biology
Biology Postdoc Association & Biology Graduate Students
No enrollment limit, no advance sign up
Participants welcome at individual sessions (series)
Prereq: none

MIT Biology is proud to present the IAP Program "Sampling of Careers in Biology". This program will cover non-traditional paths for Biology PhD's. Please join us at five exciting seminars featuring speakers who are at the top of these respective fields.
Web: http://web.mit.edu/biology/www/biology/iap.html
Contact: Peter Reddien, WI-501B, x4-4083, reddien@wi.mit.edu
Sponsor: Biology

Pamela Carroll, Thomas Keating, Todd Milne, Brian Washburn
Pamela Carroll, Ph.D., Merck Research Laboratories
Thomas Keating, Ph.D., AstraZeneca
Todd Milne, Ph.D., Microbia
Brian Washburn, Ph.D., Immunetics--
Join us for short talks and a question and answer session with scientists who
have made the jump into industry. What is it like? What's the best place for
you? Startups, medium biotech, or big pharma? Come meet scientists from all sectors.
Thu Jan 11, 12:30-02:00pm, 68-181

Science Communication and Publishing
Panel Discussion
The future of science depends on the dissemination of scientific knowledge, both within the scientific community and beyond it to our larger society. Come to this session to hear from people in a variety of communications-related jobs. What jobs are out there and what are they like? What skills do you think you'll need? Where can you find more information?
Tue Jan 16, 12:30-02:00pm, 68-181

Law Panel
Alex Andalis, Chris Cowles, Ignacio Perez de la Cruz
Alex Andalis, Ropes & Gray, Chris Cowles, Edwards Angell Palmer & Dodge, Ignacio Perez de la Cruz, Ropes & Gray - Thinking of using logical reasoning and scientific framework that you honed in graduate school to leverage a career in Law? Come hear scientists who blazed those trails!
Thu Jan 18, 11:45-01:30pm, 68-181

Consulting & Venture Capital
Jason LaBonte, Karen Hong, Kay Larholt
Jason LaBonte, Ph.D. Decision Resources, Karen Hong, Ph.D. Proquest Ventures

--The business of Biology is booming! This seminar features Venture Capitalists,which finance biological enterprises, and Consultants that suggest the best way to merge business and Biology. Come listen and speak with PhDs who have madethe transition from benchwork to the business world.
Tue Jan 23, 12:30-02:00pm, 68-181

Policy/Government Panel
Brad Smith, Joann Boughman, Patrick Regan, Susan Cumberledge
Have you ever wanted to have more control over how science is directed by the
government? How science is used by the government? Could you make a difference by using your biology background in a career in science policy?
This is your chance to find out about the AAAS Science Policy Fellowships, and
careers in science policy at government agencies, private foundations and
Tue Jan 30, 12:30-02:00pm, 68-181

Biogen Idec Tour
Heather Pressler
Thu Jan 25, 01-02:30pm, TBD

No limit but advance sign up required (see contact below)
Signup by: 25-Jan-2007
Single session event

Come learn about the biotech industry!

The MIT Undergraduate Biochemistry Association will be sponsoring a tour of Biogen Idec
in Cambridge on January 25, 2007 from 1-2:30. The tour will include visiting a research
lab, meeting its members, and hearing about research in the biotech industry.

Please RSVP to muba-exec@mit.edu if you would like to attend. We look forward to seeing
you there!
Contact: MUBA, muba-exec@mit.edu
Sponsor: Undergraduate Biochemistry Association

Stem Cells and Regenerative Biology
Prof. Peter Reddien
No enrollment limit, no advance sign up
Participants welcome at individual sessions (series)
Prereq: none

The replacement of missing cells, largely mediated by the action of stem cells, occurs naturally as an integral part of normal adult life and in response to injury. This lecture series will highlight topics in regenerative biology ranging from the biology of stem cells in cell replacement to regenerative tissue engineering
Contact: Prof. Peter Reddien, WI-501B, x4-4083, reddien@wi.mit.edu
Sponsor: Biology

Stem Cells for Pancreatic Development and Diabetes
Doug Melton, Harvard MCB, HHMI
Tue Jan 9, 03:30-04:30pm, WI Auditorium

Progress in Stem Cells: The Program, The Politics and the Public
Leonard Zon, Children's Hospital, HHMI
Wed Jan 10, 03:30-04:30pm, WI Auditorium

Gene Regulation of Stem Cells
Stuart Orkin, Children's Hospital & Dana Farber
Wed Jan 17, 03:30-04:30pm, WI Auditorium

Nuclear cloning, stem cells and therapy: promise, problems, reality
Rudolf Jaenisch, MIT Biology, Whitehead Institute
Mon Jan 22, 03:30-04:30pm, Whitehead Auditorium

Stem cell systems in Drosophila
Norbert Perrimon, Harvard Medical School, HHMI
Thu Jan 25, 03:30-04:30pm, Whitehead Auditorium

Tissue Engineering at the Microscale
Sangeeta Bhatia, Lab for Multiscale Regenerative Tech, MIT
Thu Feb 1, 03:30-04:30pm, Whitehead Auditorium

Stem Cells in the Blood and Muscle
Amy Wagers, Joslin Diabetes Center, Harvard Medical School
Fri Feb 2, 03:30-04:30pm, Whitehead Auditorium

Taking the Next Step in Academic Science
Biology Postdoc Association & Biology Graduate Students
No enrollment limit, no advance sign up
Participants welcome at individual sessions (series)
Prereq: none

MIT Biology is also offering a selection of roundtables on the practice of science, navigating academia, and balancing it all with a life outside the lab.
Web: http://web.mit.edu/biology/www/biology/iap.html
Contact: Peter Reddien, WI-501B, x4-4083, reddien@wi.mit.edu
Sponsor: Biology

Grant Writing/R01s
Steve Bell, Troy Littleton
Steve Bell, Ph.D., MIT Professor & Troy Littleton, MD/Ph.D., Associate Professor, MIT - Getting grants is critical to both starting and maintaining your research lab. Come hear from faculty who have been through the process from both the application and decision-making side.
Mon Jan 8, 11am-12:30pm, 68-181

Applying for a PostDoc
Phil Sharp, Ph.D., David Page, Ph.D., Elly Nedivi, Ph.D.
Session 1: 1pm-2pm, Find out about the postdoc application process from the faculty perspective in order to learn what makes a good postdoc candidate and to get tips for a successful interview. Session 2: 2pm-3pm, Hear from current postdocs at MIT and other universities to find out what they have learned from their application process and interviews.
Tue Jan 9, 01-03:00pm, 68-181

Finding a Faculty Position
Michael Laub, Mitch McVey
Looking for that professorship is a daunting process. What do search committees look for? Where do you find more about jobs? What questions should you ask? What do you need to keep in mind? Come find out from faculty from MIT and other local universities who have experienced both sides of the fence!
Wed Jan 10, 01-02:00pm, 68-181

Women in Science
Panel Discussion
Hazel Sive, Ph.D., Amy Keating, Ph.D., Marjorie Oettinger, Ph.D., and Rachel Meyers, Ph.D., -- Growing numbers of women in science have greatly advanced progress in research in stellar leaps; however, there are still specific challenges faced by women in academic science even today. Faculty will share with us their experiences.
Wed Jan 24, 11am-12:30pm, 68-181

Academic Teaching Positions
Tracey Ware, Anthony Fernandez
Tracey Ware, Assistant Professor (Biochemistry & Molecular Biology)
Program Director, Nuclear Medicine Technology, Anthony Fernandez, Associate Professor, Merrimack College -- Being a faculty member at a liberal arts college has its own difficulties. Balancing the teaching load with the growing desire for departments to require outside scientific funding is a tricky task. Come hear how this juggling act really happens!
Thu Jan 25, 10-11:30am, 68-181

Postdoc Bootcamp, Life as a Postdoc at MIT
Panel discussion
Are you wondering what it means to be a postdoc at MIT? What benefits are you eligible for? What is your exact status and how does that impact your time here? The questions and more will be addressed by a panel of speakers focusing on issues for postdocs. If you've just come to MIT, be sure to come and get some facts.
Thu Jan 25, 12-01:30pm, 68-181

Family & Science
Kathy Simons, Peter Weigele, Laura Francis, Aviv Regev
Kathy Simons, Manager of The MIT Center for Work, Family & Personal Life;
Peter Weigele, Research Scientist of Biology; Laura Francis, Graduate Student of Biology.--We've got a group of scientists who will share with us how they are balancing the load of research science with the responsibilities of raising a family.
Fri Jan 26, 11:30am-01:00pm, 68-181

Finding PostDoc Fellowships
Graham Walker, Ph.D., Terry Orr-Weaver, Ph.D.
Learn about the postdoc fellowship application process from faculty who have been on fellowship review boards.
Mon Jan 29, 01:30-03:00pm, 68-181

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
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