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IAP 2007 Activity

Computer Refurbishing, AM Session
Henry Wu
Fri Jan 19, 10am-12:00pm, 50-305

Enrollment limited: advance sign up required (see contact below)
Signup by: 15-Jan-2007
Limited to 20 participants.
Single session event
Prereq: Preference given to MIT affiliates; specify AM or PM session

Have you ever wondered what's inside your computer? Do you want to learn how to rebuild an old computer? This two-hour class will let you take apart old computers, look inside, and learn about how the parts fit together. You should be able to refurbish your own computer by the end of this class. Also, you will receive information about the MIT Used Computer Factory, and how your volunteering could help bridge the Digital Divide.

This class is aimed toward beginners.
Contact: Henry Wu, 4-104, x3-0742, ucf-staff@mit.edu
Sponsor: Public Service Center
Latest update: 17-Jan-2007

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