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IAP 2007 Activity

Marxism Today
Felix Kreisel
No enrollment limit, no advance sign up
Participants welcome at individual sessions (series)
Prereq: Read the World Socialist Web Site, http://www.wsws.org

World politics is characterized today by a global eruption of US imperialism as it tries to compensate for its economic decline by military adventures abroad and destruction of democratic rights at home. This series of lectures will examine various aspects of political, economic and social development in the US and abroad. Speakers from various parts of the world will present Web or in-person lectures.
Web: http://www.wsws.org
Contact: Felix Kreisel, NW21-207, x3-8625, fjk@mit.edu
Sponsor: Felix Kreisel, NW21-207, 617 253-8625, fjk@mit.edu

US Constitution and Its Destruction
Felix Kreisel
The Patriot Act, the Guantanamo prison and the military commissions mark milestones in the bipartisan attacks on the centuries-old development of the US and English constitutions and the democratic rights of citizens.
Tue Jan 9, 10-12:00am, 5-232

The 2006 US Election - What Democracy?
Bill Van Auken SEP candidate for US Senate, WSWS journalist
This lecture will examine the degeneration of American politics, the shutting down of the electoral process itself.
Fri Jan 12, 10-12:00am, 1-379

Is there any Left left in the US?
Felix Kreisel
The collapse of Stalinism circa 1990 and the decline of the "progressive left" in the US.
Tue Jan 16, 10-12:00am, 1-379

Capitalist Russia Today
Vladimir Volkov World Socialist Web Site reporter
What is the balance sheet of capitalist restoration in the former Soviet Union? Economic and social collapse, ethnic wars and a drift to dictatorship in Russia and other successor states.
Fri Jan 19, 10-12:00am, 1-379

The 1917 Russian Revolution: Was Socialism Doomed?
Felix Kreisel
We shall look at the Russian Revolution of 1917 within the context of world capitalism in crisis. Suggested reading: Trotsky's History of the Russian Revolution and Permanent Revolution.
Tue Jan 23, 10-12:00am, 1-379

Trotsky's theory of Permanent Revolution and its meaning today.
Vladimir Volkov Russian WSWS reporter
Trotsky developed his theory of permanent revolution as a guide to the leading role of the working class in the Russian revolution and to its international character.
Fri Jan 26, 10-12:00am, 1-379

What Was Soviet "Communism?" What Kind of Socialism Do We Need?
Felix Kreisel
We shall examine the class content of the mature Soviet state, look at the reasons for its collapse and suggest the historic lessons learned from it. Suggested reading: Trotsky's The Revolution Betrayed.
Tue Jan 30, 10-12:00am, 1-379

Zionism, its past, present and future
Felix Kreisel
The century-long history of Jewish nationalism.
Fri Feb 2, 10-12:00am, 1-379
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