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IAP 2007 Activity

Inside the International Monetary Fund: How it works; What It Does
Rachel Glennerster
Thu Jan 11, 10:30-11:30am, E51-361

No enrollment limit, no advance sign up
Single session event

Seemingly always at the center of a heated public debate, the International Monetary Fund is simultaneously criticized for being irrelevant given the economic realities of the 21 century and overly powerful. Discussion of these issues in the press and elsewhere is often based on a misunderstanding of how and why the institution operates as it does. Rather than rehash old debates, this session is designed to provide an inside view of how the institution works, the different mechanisms through which the IMF supports the international financial system (of which its lending program is only a part), how decisions about lending get made, and how conditionally works in practice. The session is designed to be accessible to all students whether or not they have a background in economics.
Contact: Denise MacDougall, dmac@mit.edu
Sponsor: Economics
Latest update: 13-Dec-2006

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